Annual Impact Reports

Our Annual Reports highlights many of the successes that our members have had over the past year: ranging from our increased participation at each conference, to examples of how Michigan DECA members are highly motivated in the courses that they take and the grades that they receive. It also shows that Michigan DECA members continue to improve their scores on our examinations as well as performing above the average for all students from all states that take the examinations. These examinations come from the MBAResearch Center’s test bank – the same test bank that will be used for the Marketing End of Program Examination.


Comprehensive Exam Reports

Comprehensive exams tests the students knowledge in several performance indicators based on their selected competitive event. District and State Conference testing is conducted online several weeks in advance of the conference. International Conference testing is conducted at the conference.


State Conference Student Survey Reports

Each year, we ask Michigan DECA students to fill out a survey at the State Career Development Conference. The results are gathered and reports are prepared by the National Research Center for College and University Admissions (NRCCUA).