Your assistance is needed to improve Michigan DECA’s student recognition program.

Our goal is to establish sponsors for all competitive events that are conducted at our annual State Career Development Conference. The total cost for a business, group, or corporation to sponsor an event would be $2,000-2,500, depending on the type of event. By contributing to Michigan DECA as part of a group, you can ensure that all DECA members receive the recognition they deserve!

Individuals can contribute smaller amounts, which will be pooled together to sponsor an event at the State Career Development Conference.

As a participant in a sponsor group, your name will appear in the State Career Development Conference program. But most importantly you will contribute directly by:

  1. Providing travel scholarships to the top winners in an event
  2. Providing awards to top winners
  3. Helping to keep membership and registration fees at reasonable levels
  4. Building a financial base for Michigan DECA

Please consider making your personal contribution to Michigan DECA! Click here to download the pledge form.

Tax Laws Favor Giving

Michigan Tax Laws encourage personal contribution to higher education. The following table is provided to assist you in intelligently planning your contribution to Michigan DECA/Eastern Michigan University, while at the same time applying tax laws to your advantage. Donations to Michigan DECA are made to a 501(c)(3) educational association.

All advantages are outlined with the assumption that you itemize your deductions for federal income tax purposes. Confer with your tax adviser for details applicable to your personal situation.