Spotlight on Alumni DECA

Fall 2020 Newsletter Edition

Do you remember the feeling you got at the first conference you attended as a DECA member? The lights, music, and energy pulsating through a crowd of 4,000 other DECA members at the State Conference? The AWESOME experience at the International Conference? The tension in the air as the announcer began to call the names for the event you competed in? Pretty intense, right?

We are inviting you to continue your DECA experience into the next year, and beyond. By joining Michigan Alumni DECA, you will be a part of one of the largest and most active Alumni Divisions of DECA internationally.

The coming year has a wide variety of activities in store for you as an Alumni member. From attending and assisting at the State Leadership Conference in November, and the State Career Development Conference in March, you will be assisting in the development of the Alumni Division as well as aiding in our association’s purpose, providing support to Michigan DECA and its members.

As a DECA member, you have had your share of educational and enjoyable experiences. By joining the Alumni Division, you will have a golden opportunity to use your experiences to help benefit DECA members. Be a part of the operation of Michigan DECA’s conferences, make new friends, and network with industry professionals.

Join Michigan Alumni DECA!