2020-2021 Michigan DECA State Officers

Michigan DECA, I barely know where to begin. These last four years have been an incredible journey, filled with amazing people and memories. Although last year was different, I saw Michigan DECA truly take it to the Next Level. I’ve had the privilege of watching the drive, dedication, and success of every single one of our members, and I’m honored to have taken this journey with you. As my time with Michigan DECA comes to a close, I can only be glad that I was a part of an organization I love so much. Thank you all for the experience of a lifetime!

-Varad Mulay, 2020-2021 State President

Michigan DECA, thank you for everything you’ve given me these past three years. From competitions and going even to Disney World for ICDC, these opportunities have really opened my eyes for the future! I never imagined I would’ve had the opportunity to serve as your state officer this past year, but I’m so proud I did. As you embark on the rest of your journey with Michigan DECA, remember that we are proud of you for everything YOU achieved. Team 75 will forever be family and I know that you all will give Team 76 the same amount of love and respect. Thank you again and I hope to see you all soon!

-Chelsea Sylvester, 2020-2021 State Secretary

Michigan DECA, this has been such an unpredictable year. A year full of tears, frustrations, happiness, and sadness. But we did it, we got through the year, the year of the unexpected. Although this experience was far from normal, I would not change any of it for the world. The countless laughs, memories, and friendships that were created are some I will remember for years to come. This organization has guided me to find out who I truly am and all the things I am capable of. From the bottom of my heart, I thank each and every member of this association for giving me this opportunity to represent you this year. You all are remarkable people that are destined to achieve greatness. For those just beginning their journey, and to those ending their journey with me, I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

-Kyla Cummings, 2020-2021 Vice President of Public Relations

Michigan DECA, this year, without a doubt, was one in which all of our members proved themselves. You all proved you have grit, determination, and an outstanding desire to better yourselves. Serving as a student representative for such amazing people throughout this past year was a gift, and I am saddened to see my position leave me so quick. This organization will forever hold a special place in my heart, and I truly cannot wait to see what my successors make of our unique association.

-Deagan Moore, 2020-2021 Vice President of Career Development

Michigan DECA, it feels like the year has only just started and yet it’s already over. This year has hit us harder than anyone thought would have been possible. During this past year, finding motivation has been a struggle for us all, but it was because of the perseverance of all of our amazing members that we were able to execute the first virtual conferences in Michigan DECA history. It has truly been a privilege serving you all during this past year and I can’t wait to see what successes the next years will bring for this wonderful association.

-Anusheh Chaudry, 2020-2021 Vice President of Community Service

Michigan DECA, words cannot even begin to express the love which I have for this incredible association.  I have grown and matured immensely over the past 4 years, and I owe a large part of it to my involvement in DECA.  Ever since freshman year, my goal was to become a state officer in order to improve the DECA experience for each and every one of Michigan DECA’s 9,000 emerging leaders.  Thank you to all of the members that made that dream possible and gave me the honor of representing you this past year. Despite the obstacles with which we were presented this year, you all inspired me to keep working hard.  It is because of its members that Michigan DECA continues to thrive as one of the strongest DECA associations in the country. Whether your DECA journey is just beginning, or you are like me, saying your final goodbye, I hope you all know that Michigan DECA is even more special because you are/were involved.  No matter where life takes you, never take for granted the friendships and memories which you created through DECA.  I know for a fact that I will never forget the association that changed my life and helped me to realize where my true passion lies.

-Ava Williams, 2020-2021 Vice President of Business Partnerships