Membership Information

  1. Initial membership rosters are due to DECA Inc. by October 15, via the online system.
  2. Student members must be an enrollee or a completer of a Marketing, Management, Finance, Hospitality or Entrepreneurship class.
  3. State and National membership fees total $17.00 ($9.00 State, $8.00 National) per person. The state fee includes accident insurance for each member.
  4. All chapters must have at least one (1) advisor and ten (10) student members or have 100% enrollment of all marketing education students.
  5. All chapter advisors must pay membership fees.
  6. DECA Inc. will accept purchase orders for membership, but membership items will not be sent until payment has been received.
  7. Invoices may be obtained after submitting your membership roster, and clicking on the Invoice tab of the membership portal.
  8. Once a roster has been submitted to DECA Inc., the chapter is responsible for payment for the number of members submitted (the amount due on the roster).
  9. Once submitted, State and National membership fees are non-transferable and non-refundable.
  10. All conference participants must be paid members of DECA. Students must be submitted through the DECA Membership Portal prior to being registered for a conference.
  11. If an individual registered for a conference drops out of the class prior to the conference for which they are registered, or does not attend the conference, they are still required to pay the membership fees.
  12. DECA members are best prepared when enrolled in a state-approved marketing program. Schools that do not have a state-approved marketing program, will have to annually complete Michigan DECA’s State Non-Approved Program Status Reporting Form.

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