MDA Partnership

DECA is very proud of our more than 25-year partnership with the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA)! This partnership is the hallmark of our programming and instruction in community service – a foundational principle of DECA.

Every year our members and advisors give generously to support MDA and organize community events that benefit MDA. These community events are often the basis of DECA’s Community Service Campaign.

Over the course of our partnership, DECA members and advisors have raised over $5 million to help MDA provide free accessible summer camps for thousands of “Jerry’s Kids,” medical services at 225 MDA clinics nationwide and the scientific research to find a cure for muscular dystrophy!

MDA Challenge

We encourage all chapters to join our campaign and set a goal of raising at least of $250. If your chapter has been successful at raising funds for MDA, we ask you to strive to raise even more!

All chapters raising funds for MDA will be recognized on the Michigan DECA website and in Spotlight on DECA. Chapters raising $1000 or more will be awarded a plaque at the State Conference.

Michigan DECA State Officers will conduct a MDA Miracle Minute at the Leadership Conference, each District Conference, and the State Conference.  The goal is to collect as much money as possible during these one minute countdowns.  Encourage everyone to bring a donation!  Money collected will count towards our state’s contribution to MDA.

MDA will assist chapters every step of the way along your fundraising journey. By participating in this challenge, you’ll be helping to make a concrete difference in the lives of people in your community. Just $850 will send one student to an MDA camp – for a chapter of 33 members, that’s only asking each member to raise $20, for a great cause.

Chapters can raise their contribution in the manner that best fits their local needs. This could range from a canister drive in your school store to pledge drives. These pledge drives should focus on one of three areas of fundraising, for example, any type of ‘a-thon’ activity, lock-ins, and super dances. MDA will provide promotional materials, and the MDA office will work closely with the DECA groups providing support in helping to develop a marketing plan for these fundraising events.

Thank you again, for your continuing support of this important partnership.

Chapters participating must submit the amount of money raised, to the MDA Office before February 28th the Fund Verification Form. Funds submitted after February 28th will be counted with next year’s campaign.