Written Competitive Events

DECA Written Events consist of a written business plan and a prepared presentation before a judge.  Some events are for individuals and some are for a team up to three members (refer to the Event Guidelines for complete information and guidelines).

Students in written events are NOT allowed to compete in any other event at the State Conference, except School Based Enterprise (MISBE).

Written Events are submitted to Michigan DECA in February when a team of volunteer advisors will review the projects to access penalty points prior to the State Conference.

Michigan DECA staff will upload all entries to TurnItIn.com to be screened for plagiarism.  The entries will be screened by Michigan DECA staff by the end of February.  Evidence of plagiarism or cheating shall result in the student being disqualified from competition. No refunds will be given for disqualified dropped students.

20-page Written Events will have the written portion of their project judged online prior to the State Conference.  The student member(s) will present before a different judge at the State Conference on Thursday.  The scores will be added together to determine the overall winners, which will be announced at Saturday’s Award Session.

10-page Written Events will have the written portion and their presentation judged at the State Conference on Thursday.  The overall winners, which will be announced at Saturday’s Award Session. The three Integrated Marketing Campaign events will also take a Comprehensive Exam prior to the conference, and that score will be added to their judged score to determine the overall winners.  Medals will be given for the top scores in the Comprehensive Exam.

All students in Written Events are required to take either the Math or Economics Examination (or both) at the State Conference.  These exams can be taken anytime during the hours the exams are offered on Friday.  Recognition will be given during Saturday’s Award Session for the top scores in each exam.

NEW FOR 2024: The Statement of Assurances and Academic Integrity form should be a separate PDF file from the project.

Please note: if you have used Canva to create your project, you will need to download the project as  either “PDF Print” or “PDF Standard”. Downloading it in any other format could result in penalties if TurnItIn cannot ‘read’ the words for the plagiarism review.

The following applies to all Written Events:

NOTE: Some people are having challenges with getting the documents to download through Chrome.  Workaround: right click the link, select Copy Link Address, and in a new Chrome tab, on the website address bar, right click again and Paste that link.  

Written Events that are submitted online only:

Due February 22, 2024

  • Business Growth Plan (EBG)
  • Business Services Operations Research (BOR)
  • Business Solutions Project (PMBS)
  • Buying and Merchandising Operations Research (BMOR)
  • Career Development Project (PMCD)
  • Community Awareness Project (PMCA)
  • Community Giving Project (PMCG)
  • Finance Operations Research (FOR)
  • Financial Literacy Project (PMFL)
  • Franchise Business Plan (EFB)
  • Hospitality and Tourism Operations Research (HTOR)
  • Independent Business Plan (EIB)
  • International Business Plan (IBP)
  • Sales Project (PMSP)
  • Sports and Entertainment Marketing Operations Research (SEOR)22

Written Events that are submitted online AND also a hard copy:

Due February 22, 2024

  • Innovation Plan (EIP)
  • Integrated Marketing Campaign Event (IMCE)
  • Integrated Marketing Campaign Product (IMCP)
  • Integrated Marketing Campaign Service (IMCS)
  • Start–Up Business Plan (ESB)
  • Merit Award Program (MAP) – see Merit Award Program page
  • Chapter Award Program (CAP) – hardcopy only, see Chapter Award Program page