Leadership & Teamwork

The Leadership and Teamwork Event (MILTW) is designed to develop leadership ability by providing DECA members with the opportunity to demonstrate the basic principles of conducting a business meeting while deciding on the best solution to a problem presented to the group.  

This event is a team, rather than an individual, competition. Therefore, members learn the importance of cooperation and decision making through competitive performance.  The event will examine each team’s ability to review all points of a basic marketing or management problem and develop an appropriate solution. 


  • The Leadership and Teamwork Event does not compete at the District Conference.
  • Each school is eligible to enter one (1) team in the Leadership & Teamwork Event at the State Conference. 
  • All students registered in the Leadership & Teamwork must be non-Seniors.
  • Team members are not allowed to compete in any other event, except the Merit Award Program.
  • A team will consist of three members. One person must assume the role of facilitator and one person must assume the role of recorder. A 15-point penalty will apply for teams with less than three members.
  • The top teams are eligible to attend the IGNITE Academy at the International Conference. No competition will take place at the International Conference.
  • Participants will take the Business Administration Core Exam online for the State Career Development Conference.
  • Team members are to report to the assigned prep room at least five minutes prior to their assigned reporting time, but no more than fifteen minutes prior to the assigned time.
  • The team will have twenty minutes to review the event situation and develop a solution. Only team members and judges will be allowed in the preparation room. No advisor contact will be allowed from the time of preparation to the completion of the event.
  • A judge will evaluate the team members during the prep period on how all team members are participating.
  • During the prep time, the team members are to review the event situation and develop three alternatives to the situation. The team must recommend and give their reasons for the best alternative.
  • The team will be evaluated on how all members participated and how they demonstrate effective problem solving, reasoning, and communication skills.
  • The team will have eight minutes to present their alternatives and recommendation.
  • Up to five minutes will be allowed to each team for questions by the judges, at the completion of the presentation. These questions will be directed to the facilitator for any team member to answer. Questions will reference the abilities demonstrated during the event.
  • The presentation and participation during the prep time score is weighted twice (2 times) the value of the averaged exam score.
  • Business attire must be worn during competition at the State Conference.
  • There shall be no identification of chapter, school, city, etc., in the presentation.
  • An audience will not be allowed.
  • The decision of the judges is final. Students are not to ask judges for justification of their scores.