Chapter Awards Program

The Chapter Awards Program (MICAP) is an instructional enrichment program for marketing education. The program is designed for chapters to develop a well-rounded program of work and is based on chapter achievement accompanied with an awards program for chapter recognition.

The Chapter Awards Program will provide recognition at three levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

The level of recognition will be determined by the number and type of activities a chapter completes in each of the following categories: 

  • Membership Development
  • Community Oriented
  • Experienced Leaders
  • Academically Prepared
  • Professionally Responsible
  • Promotion/Public Relations

Chapters will claim credit for activities by submitting an activity report and visual documentation. Chapters will submit their reports to their state office for verification of the award achievement level. 

The Chapter Awards Program should be initiated early in the year, so chapter members will realize the greatest benefits of their involvement. A thorough orientation of the purpose and operation of the program is vital for the preparation of the members.

Use your creativity when creating your documentation and section heading pages.  MICAP is a book that you should want to show off to future marketing classes to explain and showcase your DECA activities.MI


The Chapter Awards Program project must be mailed to the Michigan DECA office to be received by February 22, 2024. 

We strongly recommend shipping with a service that offers tracking of packages. Late arrivals will not be judged, so be sure that it arrives by February 22, 2024. We do not received shipments on the weekends, even if you have paid extra for the service.

The original project must be submitted in a DECA binder or a plain white or plain blue binder where the spine does not exceed 2 inches.  Chapters are encouraged to use a view binder with a customized binder cover.  All binders submitted should be in good condition.  Entries may not be submitted in a DECA folio or scrapbook. No markings, tape or other material should be attached to the binder.  School names must be visible on the binder.




State Screening and Competition:

Please review the guidelines for complete information.
  • Chapter Awards Program students ARE allowed to compete in a roleplay event that competes on Friday.
  • All students competing at the State Conference MUST be included on the chapter’s submitted conference registration.
  • A team of volunteer advisors will review the projects prior to the State Conference, to ensure they meet the minimum standards and for penalty points. Projects not meeting the minimum standards (more than 40 penalty points) will be returned and the student(s) will not be able to attend the conference as a Chapter Awards Program participant. The registration fee will be refunded at the 50% rate.
  • Participants (maximum of three project chairpersons) will give a 10-minute presentation at the State Career Development Conference, which should cover what was learned and a highlight of their outstanding activities. The presentation will be followed by a 5-minute question/answer period.
  • The presentation begins immediately after the introduction of the participants to the judge.
  • Each participant may bring a copy of the project or note cards pertaining to the project and use as reference during the presentation.
  • Only visual aids that can be easily hand carried to the presentation by the actual participant will be permitted. The participants must set up the visuals without assistance. Wheeled carts, moving straps or similar items may not be used to bring visuals into the area. Set up time is included in the total presentation time. Participants must furnish their own materials and equipment. No electrical power or internet connection will be supplied. Alternate power sources such as small generators are not allowed. 
  • Video may be shown during the presentation but are not to be included with the project when it is submitted for competition. Sound may be used if the volume is kept at a conversational level.
  • Materials appropriate to the situation may be handed to or left with judges in all competitive events. Items of monetary value may be handed to but may not be left with judges. Items such as flyers, brochures, pamphlets, and business cards may be handed to or left with the judge.
  • Participants will not be able to use the hotel or convention center internet for their written event presentations, because that would involve asking someone else to help them with their equipment. (Refer to the presentation guidelines.) They may use an internet aircard or personal hotspot with their computer if the participants have one. But we caution that it could be difficult for participants to receive and maintain a connection due to so many people using cell phones while at the conference. If they lose connection, they will not be given additional time. Our suggestion is for anything that participants might want to reference during the presentation, to save it directly onto the computer.
  • Projects meeting the minimum standards will receive recognition at the State Career Development Conference.
  • The decision of the judges is final. Students and Advisors are not to ask judges for justification of their scores.
  • Projects must have at least 75 points after any penalty points have been deducted, to advance on to the International Conference.


International Conference Screening and Competition:

  • Projects may be revised between the State and International Conferences.
  • Any project that received penalty points at the State Conference, needs to be corrected prior to being submitted at the International Conference.
  • Only 100% Membership chapters or chapters receiving the “Gimmie5” Award and receiving the Gold award for MICAP at the State Conference are eligible to attend the International Career Development Conference. Up to three delegates may chair the project and represent their chapter.
  • Projects are to be turned in at the specified time and location at the International Conference. 
  • Projects must be in an official 1-inch DECA Binder, an official 2 inch DECA Binder (no longer available from ShopDECA, but if your chapter has one it is allowed) or a plain white or plain blue binder where the spine does not exceed 2 inches. 
  • Only students who participated in the interview at the State Conference will be allowed to attend the International Conference.
  • Students may not compete in any other event at the International Conference, nor attend any of the International Conference Academies.
  • Two advisors will evaluate the project and interview the team.
  • Participants must follow the International Conference Dress Code. This includes wearing a DECA blazer when being judged.
  • The top project in each section will be recognized as an outstanding project at Michigan DECA’s State Recognition Session at the International Career Development Conference.
  • The decision of the judges is final. Students and Advisors are not to ask judges for justification of their scores.