Get your assignment on this list first

Chaperone Assignments:

  • Competitive Event – If they are assigned to a competitive event code, they should follow the times on that event’s sheet (above).
  • Judging – Thank you to everyone that recruited judges!  We can still use a few more for Friday afternoon.  They can sign up here: need to report to 330 TCF Center at the time indicated on the enclosed report.  If I have their address and or email, a confirmation letter was sent directly to them.  It is important for every judge to report for their assignment at the time indicated.
  • Tab Assistance – these individuals will assist with the tabulation process at the time indicated on the master event assistance list.  They will need to report to the Headquarters in room 329 TCF Center.
  • Math and Economics Assistance – these individuals will proctor the examinations.  They need to report to Room 430 TCF Center and the time indicated on the master event assistance list.  If they prefer, we can also change their assignment to be a judge on Friday from Noon to 5:30pm.  Please email if you want to change this individual’s assignment.
  • Every Third Chaperone – These individuals have not been assigned; they are to remain available for your students at the hotel during competition hours.