International Career Development Conference

Atlanta, Georgia

April 22-27, 2022

Each year, the DECA International Career Development Conference gives students the opportunity to meet and compete with thousands of other DECA members from around the world who have shown to be the best at their District and State conferences, and now have earned the chance to compete at the highest level of DECA competition!
After participating in competitive events during the day, students will have time to socialize with other members from around the world, meet and network with influential business leaders at their vendor booths.  You’ll also have time to explore wizard worlds and the house of mouse.
But wait, there’s more!
There are opportunities for members to develop your occupational and leadership skills as well as meet other fun and energetic DECA members, all while having fun!
At the closing session of the conference, hundreds of trophies and thousands of dollars in scholarships will be presented to outstanding DECA members who helped make this year’s conference a memorable success.
The DECA International Career Development Conference gives you the opportunity to meet DECA members from around the world, interact with important business professionals, and compete to win scholarships and awards at DECA’s highest level of competition!

Basic schedule of competition and sessions

  • Most chapters arrive on Friday, and some on Saturday morning.
  • Time to explore the city.  You will also have time after competition each day.
  • Opening Session is Saturday evening.
  • Competition Orientations and Testing is on Sunday.
  • Preliminary Competition is on Monday.
  • The Award Session for Test, Roleplay, and Finalists Medals for International events is on Tuesday morning.  If named as a finalist, you must check-in for final competition immediately after the award session.
  • The Grand Award Session for International competition and scholarships will be held on Tuesday evening.
  • Chapters will travel home on Wednesday.


Michigan DECA Tours and Activities
The information about the Michigan activities and registration inclusions will be posted in March.


Emerging Leader Academies
Because of the demand for delegates to attend the Emerging Leaders Academies, Michigan DECA has developed an application process for selecting delegates to represent Michigan DECA at the Academies. The application deadline is February 1, 2022, and will be posted in the fall.  Individuals selected to represent Michigan DECA will be announced at the State Conference.


Cancellations and Refunds
Registration refunds will only be given if the request is submitted on the official State Refund Request Form. A registration cancellation fee will apply, based on the refund schedule, which is found in the information packet, and also the conference registration form. The sooner the written request is received, the larger the refund. Housing refunds may not be possible if other roommates are still occupying the hotel room.  Please be aware that airline tickets are not refundable.


Reserved Seating at General Sessions
All Michigan Delegates (students and advisors) are required to attend the Opening and Closing Sessions. Our delegation will be assigned seats for the Opening and Closing Sessions. Seating charts will be available when you receive your registration materials.


Required Activities
As stated in the delegate code of conduct, all students and advisors are required to attend conference sessions. Chapters that do not attend or leave the opening session early will risk being placed on probation and not being allowed to attend the next years International Conference.


Delegate Code of Conduct Form
Each delegate, both student and adult, must sign the Code of Conduct Form. These forms are to be brought to the International Conference by the Chapter Advisor. Do not send them to the Michigan DECA office. Each advisor must sign a release stating that they have a completed form for each delegate and will bring the forms to the conference. It is recommended that these forms be notarized for out-of-state travel.


One adult advisor must attend for every five (5) student delegates. This policy is in place to ensure proper supervision and management of conference activities. All advisors are required to assist with a competitive event. Additionally, the adult advisor must assist with supervision of the delegates, by conducting room checks after curfew.


All hotel reservations MUST be made through Michigan DECA.

Parents and family members are welcome to stay with Michigan DECA in our assigned hotel, but they are considered part of the Michigan delegation, so they must also register for the conference and pay the registration fee. They will need to be included on the chapter’s registration form and adhere to the same deadlines.

All hotel reservations must be made through Michigan DECA. Due to the group travel booking, rewards points cannot be used to pay for hotel rooms. Our hotel assignment will be announced in February.

Only Michigan DECA members who qualified at the State Conference in their competitive event, selected members attending the Leadership Academies, and incoming and outgoing state officers, are eligible to attend at the International Career Development Conference.


DECA Blazers Are Required
DECA Blazers will be required for competition and anyone going on the stage (scholarship recipients, MDA award recipients, competition winners, etc.) at the International Conference.  Please plan on purchasing a blazer from Shop DECA if you need one.  Usually, blazer pre-orders are due by April 1st; after that date, no pre-orders will be taken and blazers must be purchased at the conference.  If you do need to purchase a blazer at the conference, plan on going to the Shop DECA booth when you arrive at the conference to ensure they have your size in stock.

Proper business attire is required at all sessions. Refer to the International Conference Dress Code.


Each competitor must bring their own calculator for international competition. Cell phones, smartphones, smartwatches, iPads, iPods, PDAs, programmable calculators and graphing calculators cannot be used during competition. This includes during prep-time, waiting for judges, and during competition in role-play events.


Cell Phones
No cell phone use will be allowed during competition, workshops, sessions or academies. You cannot use the calculator function on your cellphone, smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch. Using any of these electronic devices during prep time, waiting for the judges or during competition will result in disqualification! You also cannot bring any notes/notebooks, workbooks or handouts with you into your prep time or competition.


You can expect sunny days with temperatures in the 70’s and nights in the upper 50’s during our stay in Atlanta.


State Recognition Session
Michigan DECA will hold a special Michigan recognition session for students participating in the State only competitive events (Chapter Awards Program and Merit Awards Program).


Conference Assistance
To have a successful conference, National DECA needs each advisor to assist at least one day while at the conference. All Chaperones are also required to assist with the management of the conference. Chaperones can request to serve as a competitive event judge, or assist with Michigan DECA events.


If any business person(s) will be traveling to the conference with your chapter, please let Michigan DECA know if they are available to judge at the conference. A registration credit will be given for each judge.



Planning Ahead? Future dates and locations:

  • April 21-26, 2023 – Orlando, Florida
  • April 27-30, 2024 – Anaheim, California
  • April 26-29, 2025 – Orlando, Florida
  • April 25-28, 2026 – Atlanta, Georgia
  • April 17-20, 2027 – Anaheim, California
  • April 22-25, 2028 – Orlando, Florida