Event Substitution Policy

Chapter Advisors are responsible to fully explain to their students the cancellation policy, depending on their type of competitive event:

For All Team Decision Making Events (BLTDM, MTDM, etc.), these events require a minimum number of team members (two students), so a student is not allowed to compete individually.

  • At the District Conference, if one member of a team does not attend, the attending student will be automatically moved into the corresponding individual event.
  • After the District Conferences, if one member cannot attend the next level of competition, no one may be substituted in his or her place, and the remaining team member CANNOT move into another event. The students qualified as a team, so they must either compete as a team, or cancel as a team – and not advance to the next level of competition.

For Chapter Written Events, one of the team members may be substituted between levels of competition, however, the team size may not increase from the original number registered. For example, if a Finance Research Operations project was entered with John and Mary as the original participants, and qualified at the State Conference to advance to the International Conference, no additional participants may be added. If either Mary or John couldn’t attend the ICDC, then the other could compete alone, or one of them may be substituted, but one of the original members has to participate. The team size can not increase from two to three participants.

For All Written Events, the names on the submitted Written Statement of Assurances Form MUST be the same as those on the conference registration form. If one person fails to sign the submitted Written Statement of Assurances Form – even if their name is printed or typed on the form – they will not be allowed to compete, and will be dropped from the conference.

Chapter Advisors have volunteered to double check each State Conference registration to be sure that chapters are following the substitution policy and that the correct qualifiers from the District Conference are advancing on to the State Conference.


How are alternates called to compete?

For Students that are qualifiers for the State Conference at the District Conferences:
The Chapter Advisor of the canceling individual/team is responsible to notify the Chapter Advisor of the alternate individual/team that they will be able to advance to the State Conference.

For Students that are qualifiers for the International Conference at the State Conference:
The Chapter Advisor must fill out and fax in the Qualifier Not Attending Form, as soon as possible for Michigan DECA to be able to notify the alternate.