Event Guidelines


To be eligible to compete in Michigan DECA’s competitive events program, the student must be a paid member of Michigan DECA and enrolled in or a completer of a marketing education program.

Tie Breaking Procedures

  1. At all conferences, All decisions of the judges are final. Michigan DECA will not re-evaluate the judges’ decisions. Michigan DECA will investigate, and if necessary correct any tabulation errors.
  2. In the event that there is a tie between overall finalists at the State Conference in an event with an exam, the exam score will be used to break the tie, followed by the participatory event score for the event labeled “1”, then followed by the participatory event score for the event labeled “2”.
  3. In the event that there is a tie between overall finalists at the State Conference in an event without an comprehensive exam, the tie will be broken by the score for the interview, then the judges’ overall impression, followed by the categories worth the most points.

Please note that there are usually several excellent projects and competitors. The difference between first and second place could be as little as one point. All decisions of the judges are final.

District Conference Competition

  • Competition will take place at the District Conference for​​ Individual Series Events, Team Decision Making events, Principles events,​​ Financial Consulting Event,​​ Hospitality &​​ Tourism Professional Selling Event, and the​​ Professional Selling Event.


  • Seniors may not enter the four (4) Principles Events.

Chapters will be able to bring the number of delegates listed below, based on your chapter membership:

Maximum Number in Each Event




Chapters with 35​​ or less members




Chapters with 36-65​​ members




Chapters with 66-114​​ members




Chapters with more than 115​​ members




Chapters with 100%​​ Membership or receiving the “Gimmie 5” Award:​​ 




with 35​​ or less members




with 36-65​​ members




with 66-114​​ members




with more than 115​​ members




​​ *New chapters or chapters with new advisors may have one additional​​ competitor or team in each event.


  • Competition will​​ NOT​​ be held at the District level​​ any written​​ events. These events will start competition at the State Conference. ​​ 


  • Event Changes: ​​ Once a student has taken the Comprehensive (online) Examination, and they wish to change events, they can only change to an event that takes the same exam that they have taken. ​​ 


  • Substitution Policy: Please be aware of Michigan DECA’s substitution policy before committing to a team event.  ​​​​ 

    • Before the District Conference, we can move a student into an individual event if their partner cancels or does not show​​ the day of the District Conference. ​​ 

    • After the​​ District Conference, students in team events will not be able to compete if one of them is unable for​​ any reason to attend the next level of competition.​​ They​​ have qualified as a team, so​​ they​​ must cancel as a team. Please read the full substitution policy.

State Conference Competitors

  • The number of SCDC qualifiers from each district will be determined annually based on the number of paid memberships by November 30, as a percentage of the total state-wide DECA membership. Each district will be guaranteed a minimum of four (4) participants and a maximum of ten (10) participants per individual event at the State Career Development Conference. There will be 68 participants for each individual event, and 50 for each Team Decision Making Event at the SCDC.

  • If there is an extra slot(s) due to rounding, it will be given to the smallest district(s).

  • If an event at a District Conference has less students competing than the number of qualifiers allocated for the state conference for that district, then the number of qualifiers will be reduced to half of the allocation. ​​ This is done because each student competing at the State Conference must earn their way there by placing at their District Conference.​​ 

  • Competitors in the Individual Series, Principles, Team Decision Making, Financial Consulting, Hospitality & Tourism Professional Selling, and Professional Selling Events must qualify at the District Conference level in order to compete at the State Conference.

  • The following lists the number of entries allowed per chapter for each written event at the SCDC: ​​ 

Each chapter is allowed the specified n­­­umber of entries in EACH of the listed events

Chapters with:

Innovation Plan

Integrated Marketing Campaign Product

Integrated​​ Marketing Campaign​​ Service

Integrated Marketing Campaign Event​​ 

Start-Up Business Plan

Business Solutions Project

Career Development Project

Community Awareness Project

Community Giving Project

Financial Literacy Project

Sales Project

Business Growth Plan

Business Services Operations Research

Buying & Merchandising Operations Research

Finance Operations Research

Franchise Business Plan

Hospitality & Tourism Operations Research

Independent Business Plan

International Business Plan

Sports & Ent. Marketing Operations Research

0-99 members




100-200 members




201+ members




*Chapters that have achieved the THRIVE level in the Chapter Membership Campaign, earned the Gimmie 5! award, or those that have 100% Membership are eligible to bring one (1) additional entry per event in the Innovation Plan, Integrated Marketing Campaign Product, Integrated Marketing Campaign Service, Integrated Marketing Campaign Event and Start-Up Business Plan events.

  • Chapters may enter one (1) team of three non-Seniors in the Leadership & Teamwork event (LTW).

  • Chapters may enter one (1) team of two Seniors in the Ethics Team Event (ETH).

  • Participants in the Stock Market Game, and the Virtual Business Challenge Events will not compete at the State Conference. ICDC Qualifiers in these events will proceed directly to the International Career Development Conference, through the process established by DECA Inc. ​​ These students will not attend the State Conference unless they are competing in another event.

  • Chapters participating in School Based Enterprise that receive the Gold Certification or Gold Re-Certification have the option to bring 1 or 2 student manager(s) to present their work at the State Conference, if they are not in an event that is competing Friday morning. ​​ This practice competition will follow the International Career Development Conference guidelines. The top five teams will receive recognition at the Saturday Session. ​​ Teams that receive the Gold Certification or Re-Certification do not have to attend the State Conference; they can advance directly to the International Career Development Conference.