Written Event Screening

Saturday, February 16, 2019

2019 Written Event Changes

  1. The Marketing Representative Events, comprised of Advertising Campaign, Fashion Merchandising Promotion Plan and Sports and Entertainment Marketing Promotion Plan have been restructured and renamed. Participants will now choose to create an Integrated Marketing Campaign for an Event (IMCE), Product (IMCP), or Service (IMCP) of their choice. The events will still take the Marketing Career Cluster Exam, and start competition at the State Conference. Please refer to the specific event’s guidelines for information.
  2. The Innovation Plan Event will start competition at the District State Conference. (Updated October 1, 2018: Previously announced that it would start at the District Conference.)
  3. Written event content is no longer required to be double spaced. All written events must be printed single sided. As a result, the maximum number of pages for the events have changed. Please refer to the specific event’s guidelines for information. The Michigan Penalty Point Checklist has also been updated to reflect the new formatting requirements.
  4. The presentation guidelines for the written events have been updated in regards to allowable items. Please refer to the specific event’s guidelines for information.
  5. Smartwatches have been added to the list of unacceptable items during Michigan competition, prep time, and waiting to see the judges.
  6. The dress codes for Michigan DECA events and the International Conference have been updated. Updates include additions to the unacceptable list for shoes, and that all skirts and dresses must be at or below the knee. See http://mideca.org/conferences/dresscode/ or in the Michigan DECA Guide on pages 14-15.
  7. The number of competitors per event that each chapter is allowed to register for the District and State Conferences has been updated. Please see the charts on http://mideca.org/competition/eventguidelines/ or in the Michigan DECA Guide on pages 32 and 61 respectively.


Click here for a print-friendly list of event changes and a list of competitive events in Michigan.

These requirements are in effect for written events submitted to Michigan DECA. These requirements are in addition to the guidelines set by National DECA.  Please refer to your specific event’s guidelines, which are in the National DECA Guide and posted on deca.org.  For the Michigan DECA State events of Merit Award Program and Chapter Award Program, the guidelines are listed separately.

  • Only one copy of each written event needs to be submitted in the specified official DECA folio, which is noted in the event’s guidelines. If it is not in the proper folio, Michigan DECA will place it in a folio at a charge of five (5) times the current list price. Please note, that if the event is received in an improper binder, that binder will not be returned.
  • All students competing at the State Conference MUST be included on the chapter’s registration form.
  • The National DECA Statement of Assurances and Academic Integrity certifying the originality of the work must be signed by the advisor and the student before the event is submitted. The Statement of Assurances must be the first page of each entry. Only those students whose name appears on the Statement of Assurances and have been included on the chapter’s registration form will be allowed to compete in the event.
  • All written events (except the Chapter Awards Program) will also need to be uploaded to TurnItIn by the chapter advisor between February 6-15, 2019 so that it can be reviewed for plagiarism. Complete instructions on how to upload projects will be provided in January.
  •  A printout of the TurnItIn confirmation page needs to be included in the folio for the Written Event Screening. This page should be placed after the Written Statement of Assurances page, and does not get numbered or counted in the page count of the project. Failure to include the confirmation page in the folio is a 10 point penalty.
  • All content must be original work of the DECA members member(s) listed on the Statement of Assurances. No part of the written project can be previously entered into competition or submitted in another DECA competitive event. Any events that are found to be plagiarized or previously submitted into competition will be disqualified. Those students will be dropped from the conference, and are not eligible for a refund of the conference registration fee.
  • Entries must be in the following order: completed and signed Statement of Assurances, TurnItIn Confirmation Page, Cover Page, then the actual event following the guidelines set by DECA. (Do not include evaluation forms.)
  • Any project that receives penalty points at the State Conference must be corrected prior to being submitted at the International Conference.
  • All entries (including the Chapter Awards Program, Merit Awards Program and all Written Events advancing on from a district conference) must be completed and received by 10:00 a.m. on February 16, 2019.
  • All chapter advisors with a student entering a Written Event, Chapter Awards Project, or Merit Award Project, need to attend and assist (or pay the applicable screening fee) with the Written Event Screening on Saturday, February 16, 2019. This includes written projects that have advanced on from a district conference. Advisors assisting may bring their events to the screening.
  • The screening will be held at Eastern Michigan University on Saturday, February 16, 2019.
  • Advisors assisting with the screening should arrive no earlier than 9:30 a.m., and no later than 10:00 a.m.
  • Events will not be accepted after 10:30 a.m. on February 16, 2019. Late events will NOT be accepted, no matter the reason. Please plan accordingly.
  • Advisors with written events who are unable to attend the screening will be required to pay a screening fee, which is being imposed to encourage more Advisors to assist with the written event screening process. The new screening fee is based on the chapter’s number of entries/folios/binders as follows:
    • One-Five (1-5) entries = $50 written screening fee
    • Six-Sixteen (6-16) entries = $50 written screening fee PLUS an additional $15 per folio
    • More than Seventeen (17+) entries = a flat $300 written screening fee
  • If you are mailing or delivering the entries for the Written Event Screening:
    • We recommend using UPS to send your packages. UPS delivers directly to our office, and all packages can be tracked, so you may confirm that they were delivered.
    • All shipped packages should be sent to be received by Wednesday, February 13, 2019. Packages scheduled to be received after this date run the risk of not arriving on time, and not being able to be screened for competition.
    • All USPS (postal service) packages take an extra day to be delivered to our office after delivery to the campus mailroom.  Please plan for this delay, any packages delivered on Thursday or Friday will not reach our office before screening.
    • There is no delivery service on Saturday to the Eastern Michigan University campus from any carrier, even if you pay extra for this service. This includes overnighted package deliveries.
  • A photo copier will not be available at the Written Event Screening.