Online Testing


Online testing will be utilized for all District Conferences & State Conference Comprehensive Exams.

Comprehensive exam scores will be added to the judged event score at the conference. Testing will be administered online during the online testing window. Only the judged portion of competition will be administered the day of the Conference.


Testing Windows

  • The District Conference Test window is November 17-23, 2020.
  • The State Conference Test window is February 15-24, 2021.


NEW FOR 2020-2021:  We will be offering two ways to administer the online exam to your students this year.

If your school is virtual:

Students may take the online exam from home. Students and their parents will need to sign an online Honor Code prior to taking the online test from home. Advisors will act as the student’s Proctor, and will need to be available if their students have issues logging into the testing website, as advisors will be the first point of help. Advisors will register themselves as the chapter advisor and pay the conference registration fee – AND – they will also register themselves a second time as the Proctor.

If your school is attending in-person:

Students will take the online exam in the presence of a Proctor, as in previous years. Proctors will need to be registered in the conference portal, as in previous years.


2020-2021 Additional Changes:

  • The 100 question test has been reduced to 70 minutes.
  • The test will be open book. Students may use textbooks or prepared notes.
  • Students may not talk or interact with anyone (at home or in school) unless they need assistance with technical issues.

Testing Overview

Chapters will register their Online Testing Proctors that will be overseeing your online testing through the Chapter Registration Portal.  See the District Conference Registration Instructions for steps how to register your chapter’s Proctor and/or Advisor.  When you register your Proctor, you must use their email address and phone number.

The Proctor Registration Form will not be used, and you also do not need to pre-register your chapter’s testing dates this year.  Once the online testing window opens, you may test your student members as many days as you wish, in as many periods as needed, between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Proctors must be:

  • An employee of the school district.
  • Not a current student in the school building.
  • Not a teacher or teacher’s aide within the Marketing Department. Teachers in the Marketing Department may assist during the examination, but remember that the decision of the Proctor is final.
  • Physically capable of observing activities throughout the testing site.
  • Able to be present during the entire testing period and willing to actively supervise the exam process throughout the entire time. All students must test in the Proctor’s presence.
  • Willing to enforce all policies and procedures for testing.
  • Willing to document his/her role as a Proctor by submitting the required forms after the last student has concluded the online testing.


There is no demo test in the new Online Testing Portal, so please be sure to check with your school’s IT department to make sure that the network settings are not blocked.  Specific instructions to give the IT department is in the Testing Instructions document.

If there are any Special Accommodations needed, please fill out the Special Accommodations Form, at least two days before your testing day.  We can provide additional testing time or enlarge the text on the computer screen.

The test has a Move Away feature, which will submit a student’s test automatically if they move the cursor away from the exam or click outside the current browser tab or window.

Students may use either a basic calculator or the calculator that is in the test window, but the computer’s calculator, graphing calculators, smartphones or smartwatches are not permitted. You may choose to allow the use of scratch paper, but these must be turned in to the Proctor at the completion of the test.



Technical Information

One of the most common problems is that the testing portal website is blocked by your school’s firewall. Please check with your IT department BEFORE testing begins to allow port 80 and port 443 for to pass through to the location where testing will occur.

Suggested Computer Specs:

  • Google Chrome is the suggested preferred browser, however, Internet Explorer 7 or higher or FireFox 3.0 or higher, and the latest version of Safari should work.
  • We suggest using a Windows 7 or higher operating system; however, any operating system with a supported browser should work as long as it supports current standards and JavaScript.
  • The browser must be configured to allow JavaScript.
  • If you have a pop-up blocker, it must be turned off for this site.