Online testing will be utilized for all District Conferences & State Conference Comprehensive Exams.

Comprehensive exam scores will be added to the judged event score at the conference. Testing will be administered online during the online testing window. Only the judged portion of competition will be administered the day of the Conference.

Testing Windows

District Conference Testing will take place Monday, November 28 to Thursday, December 8, 2016. No testing may take place after December 8, 2016.

State Conference Testing will take place Wednesday, February 22 to Thursday, March 2, 2017. No testing may take place after March 2, 2017.

Testing Overview:

  1. Read all guidelines, policies, and procedures for Online Testing.
  2. Designate the two days that you will test your students during the testing window.
  3. Schedule the computer lab(s) with your school.
  4. Determine who will be the Chapter Testing Coordinator (usually the DECA Advisor) and identify a Proctor (someone other than the teacher) for your testing location. Proctors for Michigan DECA Online Testing must meet all of the following criteria:
    • An employee of the school district.
    • Not a current student in the school building.
    • Not a teacher or teacher’s aide within the Marketing Department. Teachers in the Marketing Department may assist during the examination, as long as they remember that the decision of the Proctor is final.
    • Physically capable of observing activities throughout the testing site.
    Able to be present during the entire testing period and willing to actively supervise the exam process throughout the entire time.
    • Willing to enforce all policies and procedures for testing.
    • Willing to document his/her role as a Proctor by submitting the Exam Certification Form after the last student has concluded the online testing.
  5. Send the Proctor Registration Form to Michigan DECA by the deadline.
  6. The Chapter Testing Coordinator and/or Proctor must run a demo test on each computer that the students will use at least two school days before your test date. This is to ensure that your school’s internet security will allow the use of the testing website and to work out any bugs prior to your actual testing dates. Please call Ann at Michigan DECA (734-487-3322) with any problems you have with your system and the demo test.
  7. Submit the conference registration form to Michigan DECA by the set deadline.
  8. Make sure that all students who are competing are members of Michigan DECA.
  9. Fax the completed Exam Certification Form and the Roster of Examinees to Michigan DECA at 734-487-4329 when the last student has completed the online testing. Please do not fax these forms until all your students have all completed the online testing on your last test day, so we know that your chapter has concluded the online testing.
  10. Have your students attend the conference to participate in their judged event.

A few points of note:

    • • All students must be registered for the conference prior to the registration deadline in order to meet requirements to participate.
    • • Students will still participate in their role-play or case study at their respective conference.
    • • Each test will consist of 100 questions.
    • • If a chapter cannot arrange for sufficient computers at their school, they may contact Michigan DECA to make arrangements to test at Eastern Michigan University.
    • • You may conduct as many sittings/periods for the Comprehensive Exams as you need on your chosen online testing dates.
    • • As long as the Proctor remains in the room during testing, the Chapter Testing Coordinator can also remain in the room and assist the Proctor. The Chapter Testing Coordinator can be the person that checks in and activates the students, and also to assist with any technical difficulties. At the end of all testing, the Proctor will need to certify that the Chapter Testing Coordinator did not assist students with any questions on the test. The Proctor is also to monitor that students did not cheat during the test.
    • • Be sure to proof the roster that will be sent to you to ensure accuracy of correct spelling of name, the correct Competitive Event, and the correct Comprehensive Exam. If any of these are incorrect, contact Ann Day at Michigan DECA or fax corrections to 734-487-4329 to correct it before they start the test.



Each chapter must register for the conference by the registration deadline. Forms for each conference are on the Forms page. Chapters do not have to register for online testing in addition to registering for the conference, they will automatically be registered for the test that corresponds to their competitive event.

Because we will be using a third party to administer the test, a $10.00 per person late registration fee will be assessed for each student. You will receive confirmation of your registration within two business days after it is received in the Michigan DECA Office. Please remember you must e-mail the registration form to Ann! You will also need to include a copy of the Conference Summary Form with your payment by the payment deadline in order to be eligible to compete.

If a student has an IEP that permits them more time, you will need to fax a copy of the Special Needs Form to Michigan DECA (734-487-4329), and special arrangements will be made to meet the IEP. The Special Needs Form must be sent at least one week prior to your first testing date.

Testing Environment
Michigan DECA online exam Proctors are expected to maintain a professional decorum typical of all high-stakes testing environments throughout the entire testing process (e.g. quiet room, no communication of any kind among examinees). Proctors may utilize their own professional judgment to determine responses to specific requests or circumstances within the overall context of a positive, credible testing process. Proctors will verify each and every examinee with a picture ID. To minimize data complications, Proctors are encouraged to allow students to login and begin testing as they arrive. It is not necessary that all students begin or end at precisely the same time.


      • • The online test will expire within 60 minutes of being activated if a student does not begin the test.
      • Do not activate a student unless they are present and prepared to take the test.
      • Do not activate the students before they arrive.
      • • The test will “time out” in 100 minutes after the student has started.
      • • Once they have completed their test, and test answers have been submitted, students will NOT be permitted to re-take the test or change any answers.
      • • Students may only take one test and may sit for testing only one time.
      • • Once a test is started, a student will not be able to change their minds and take a different test.
      • • If a student needs to leave the room before their test is completed, they will not be allowed to continue their test.
      • • Students will take the Comprehensive Exam that corresponds to their Competitive Event.
      • • Students, Proctors and Chapter Test Coordinators will not have access to test scores. Results and feedback will be mailed after the conference.
      • • Please note that the questions and responses will be presented in random order for each student, to prevent copying.
      • It is imperative that your students take their test from a computer that has been tested using the demo test to be sure that the computer has the proper online connection.
      • • Printing and/or screenshots are not possible, but in case someone should happen to “crack the code,” please do not permit printing. Please help us to preserve the integrity of the testing environment and results. Thanks for helping us to monitor this closely.
      • • Proctors may supervise a maximum of 40 examinees at any one point in time. If more than 40 are to be tested concurrently, an Assistant Proctor must be present.

If a student’s computer or web browser should crash, or you have other technical difficulties, notify the State Testing Administrator (Ann Day) immediately at 734-487-3322. If you get our voice mail, we are probably assisting other chapters, so please leave a message and your call will be returned as quickly as possible. You may also email Ann at Please be sure to provide a cell phone number, to expedite a return call.


      • Each student will need the following with them on the day of the test:

• Student picture ID
• Username and password for the testing website (please do not give them out prior to the students arriving for the testing session)

      • They may also have with them:

• Pencils/pens
• A NON-programmable calculator (graphing calculators, cell phones, smartphones, iPads/tablets or PDAs may NOT be used)
• Scrap paper (scratch paper should be provided, collected and destroyed at the conclusion of testing)
• Notes identifying only their username and password

      • Examinees are not allowed:

• References or resources of any kind
• Use of other computer programs while logged into the testing web site
• Communication with other students
• Communication with the Proctor or Chapter Test Coordinator (except for technical difficulties)
• To record in any manner any element of the exam
• Use of cell phones or other PDA devices, graphing or scientific calculators.
Event Changes
Once a student has taken the Comprehensive (online) Exam, and they wish to change events, they can only change to an event that takes the same corresponding exam. Refer to the Online Test Subjects page for a complete list of events and corresponding exams.

Chapter Testing Coordinators and Proctors acknowledge that the MBAResearch and Curriculum Center and Michigan DECA exams are proprietary and have substantive monetary value. They further acknowledge liability for any action that results in the actual breach of security of exam questions or in a perceived breach of security that would diminish the overall value of the exams, competition, institute, or sponsoring organizations.