Updated forms and documents for the 2017-2018 school year will be posted in the Fall.

Online Testing Forms

Competitive Event Forms

  • Link to Competitive Event Resources at DECA.org
  • 2018 List of Michigan DECA Competitive Events
  • 2018 DECA Written Statement of Assurances Form – required for all written events
  • 2018 Michigan DECA Written Competitive Event Checklist – for all written events at the District and State Conference
  • 2018 Written Event Submission Instructions for TurnItIn and Written Event Screening – Online and Physical Copies are Due by February 17, 2018 at 10:00am!
  • Written Events – Formatting and Guidelines – for all written events at the District and State Conference
  • Written Events – Double Spacing Format Samples
  • Chapter Awards Program – Formatting and Guidelines
  • Chapter Awards Program – Checklist
  • Chapter Awards Program – Progress Reporting Form
  • Chapter Awards Program – Judge’s Evaluation Form
  • Leadership and Teamwork Event – Guidelines
  • Leadership and Teamwork Event – Sample Events for Practice
  • Leadership and Teamwork Event – Judge’s Evaluation Form
  • Merit Awards Program – Informational Booklet
  • Merit Awards Program – Formatting and Guidelines
  • Merit Awards Program – Checklist
  • Merit Awards Program – Progress Reporting Form
  • Merit Awards Program – Bronze, Silver and Gold Level Reporting FormDeadline is one week prior to the District Conference to be included in award session and February 12, 2018 for certificates
  • Merit Awards Program – Gold Level Judge’s Evaluation Form
  • School Based Enterprise Competition Guidelines – These guidelines will be used for competition at the State Conference and the International Conference
State Officer Candidate Forms

  • State Officer Candidate Guidebook
  • State Officer Candidate Screening Registration Form – Due January 27, 2018
  • State Officer Candidate Application – bring the original plus 4 stapled copies of your application to the State Officer Screening
  • State Officer Candidate Campaign Summary Form – If selected as a State Officer Candidate, this form is due March 1, 2018