Online Testing

Practice Online Testing Instructions for Advisors & Students
Online Testing Instructions for Proctors

Exam Certification FormTo be faxed after online testing is complete

List of District Conference Online Exams
List of State Conference Online Exams

Proctor Registration Form – no longer used, all Proctors now registered through the Chapter Registration Portal. See Conference Instructions for more info. You do not need to pre-select your testing dates.

State Officer Candidates

20 page written events

  • Business Growth Plan (EBG)
  • Business Services Operations Research (BOR)
  • Business Solutions Project (PMBS)
  • Buying and Merchandising Operations Research (BMOR)
  • Career Development Project (PMCD)
  • Community Awareness Project (PMCA)
  • Community Giving Project (PMCG)
  • Finance Operations Research (FOR)
  • Financial Literacy Project (PMFL)
  • Franchise Business Plan (EFB)
  • Hospitality and Tourism Operations Research (HTOR)
  • Independent Business Plan (EIB)
  • International Business Plan (IBP)
  • Sales Project (PMSP)
  • Sports and Entertainment Marketing Operations Research (SEOR)

10 page written events

  • Innovation Plan (EIP)
  • Integrated Marketing Campaign Event (IMCE)
  • Integrated Marketing Campaign Product (IMCP)
  • Integrated Marketing Campaign Service (IMCS)
  • Start–Up Business Plan (ESB)

Ethics Team Event (ETH)

  • Ethics Team Event – Guidelines
  • Ethics Team Event – Case Study will be posted in early February
  • Ethics Team Event – Judge’s Evaluation Form will be posted in early February

School Based Enterprise (SBE)

NEW FOR 2020:  Gold Certified and Gold Re-Certified Chapters may only bring 1 or 2 students to the State and International Conferences.