Michigan DECA has a campaign to raise financial support for our program of student centered events and activities. This campaign comes at a time when it is difficult to secure new funds from the state and federal governments. The plan calls for support from several groups. The figures below indicate the goal for this year:

  1. Corporate Sponsors $20,000
  2. Vendors $ 5,000
  3. Individuals associated with DECA:
  4.           a. Alumni $ 2,000
              b. Judges and Individual supporters $ 2,000
              c. Chapter Advisors $10,000

    For detailed information on Michigan DECA’s long-term financial plan, please contact Dave Wait, the Michigan DECA State Director at dwait@emich.edu

    Long-Term Goal

    • Series Events: 11 @ $3,000 = $33,000
    • Written Events: 14 @ $2,000 = $28,000
    • Special Sponsorships: $20,000

              Annual Goal at the end of five years = $81,000

    Our goal is to establish sponsors for all competitive events that are conducted at our annual State Career Development Conference. The total cost for a business, group, or corporation to sponsor an event would be $2,000-2,500, depending on the type of event.