Michigan DECA


Career Development Conference

Event Administration Guide




Please read the entire contents of this guide prior to administering the event!  Many new procedures will be used this year in our new location and we want to ensure consistency among the events.





Underlying Principle


A calm, helpful approach is always more effective

than an authoritative, demanding approach.



Your assistance as an event assistant is appreciated.  When working with the student participants and judges, please remember that the students are nervous and excited because of competing and the judges have given their time to assist us.  A calm, helpful approach will be more effective than an authoritative, demanding approach.


Supplies and Materials

We are trying to conserve money, so please return the box and all unused supplies to Event Office B inside of Room 330 on Friday night and the tab room Saturday afternoon.


  • 100 Pencils 

  • Paper Clips

  • 250 sheets of scratch paper

  • Six Red Pens

  • Six Black or Blue Pens

  • Highlighters

  • Preprint Judge Scantron forms

  • Packet of surveys

  • Participant information sheet/schedule for each student/team

  • Event signs

    • There will not be any signs in your bin.  All rooms have an electronic marque outside of the room and the Event Directors will have the signs for the competition area.



The events are copied on colored paper.  Each color relates to:

  • Event 1 - Participant Instructions = Blue in a sheet protector

    Judge/Administrator copies = Green

  • Event 2 - Participant Instructions  = Yellow in a sheet protector

    Judge/Administrator copies = Gold


  • The 20 copies of the Participant Instructions are to be reused. Be sure none of the instructions leave the event area. STUDENTS MAY NOT WRITE ON THE INSTRUCTIONS.

  • 19 judge/administrator copies of the complete event for you, your assistants, and the judges.


All Copies must be returned at the end of competition.




  • All adult assistants must attend the adult assistant meeting in Room 330.

  • Sort out your materials by Section. Make sure your schedules have the correct times.

  • Check to see if you have any forms that excuse a student from the orientation.  Attach them to their schedule and keep them in your event box until Saturday.  They are required to check in for their schedule at the time the event starts on Saturday.  

  • Check your box for any Special Needs Forms, if you have one, please accommodate the student as directed.


Event Material Pick-up and Drop Off

Friday Event Orientation – Pick it up in Room 330 – return it to the same area after the orientation

Saturday it will be in the Hall B Office

Return it to the “Tab Room” after competition has been completed.


Participant Orientation


You have 45 minutes for orientation.  Remember that events are scheduled for orientation every hour, on the hour, so please make sure you end on time so that the next orientation can start on time.  All adult assistants must attend participant orientation.


  • Participant Registration:

    • Hand out surveys as the students enter the room, have them begin to fill them out.  They can use a pencil, black or blue ink pen - nothing else.

    • Have participants take a seat and start completing the survey.


  • Collect the DECA Survey from every student, then distribute each person’s schedule.


  • If a student does not have a schedule, check the event code on their name tag.  

      • If they are at the wrong event, send them to the proper location.  All delegates must compete in the event indicated on their name tag.  There are no exceptions!   

      • If their event code is correct, add them to your event roster.  They must use the ID number that is on their name tag.  

      • If a student insists that they are in the correct event, send them to conference headquarters room 330 Cobo Center so we can confirm their event.  They will be sent to the correct event.  



  • Go over the event orientation (Next Page) with the students. 


  • As soon as the orientation is finished:

      • Return your event box to Hall B Office – just inside of Hall B.

      • Place the survey folder on the top of your event box.





NEW:  Students should only bring materials that are needed for competition.  Student Coats and Bags need to be checked with Coat Check.  Adult Assistants are not responsible for watching items left by competitors.


Only the event Director can deny something or penalize a student.  This must be documented on the Scantron and initialed by the event director and the event coordinator.








Orientation Outline


  • Review the following with the students:  

    • You must keep your schedule; it is the only one you will receive.   Your schedule has the time that you are to check-in for competition, it is not when you will meet with the judge.  When you have finished with the judges for the first event, you are to immediately return to the check in stand for the second judged event.   

    • Competitors are not allowed to compete in any other event, except the Merit Award Program, Economics or Math Evaluation.

    • All participants must dress properly. 

      • Females: Business suit or blazer with dress skirt or dress slacks and a dress blouse or Official

DECA Blazer with a dress or dress pants; dress shoes.  For a more polished, professional appearance, it is recommended that students wear appropriate hosiery/socks.

      • Males:  Dress slacks, collared dress shirt, and necktie; (optional business suit or blazer), dress shoes and dress socks or Official DECA blazer with a collared dress shirt and necktie and dress slacks.

      • Not acceptable:  Flip flops, skin tight or revealing clothing, cargo pants, leggings or graphic designed hosiery/tights, midriff baring clothing, hats, t-shirts, jean material, tennis shoes.

      • Students are to be given the opportunity to change.  If the student chooses not to change to conform to the dress code then they will receive a 20 point deduction.

    • Participants are only allowed to bring a pen/pencil, hand-held battery-operated non-programmable calculator and the program given at registration into competition.  No other items may be used during the event.  Calculators may not be shared.  Graphing calculators, phones and other electronic devises may not be used as calculators, and are not allowed in any competition area or session.   Study Guides, pre-printed materials and worksheets are not allowed in the competition area. Students using these items, or if a phone that rings or vibrates, will be penalized 20 points.

    • NEW:  Michigan DECA has arranged for a coat and bag check at Cobo Center.  Students are encouraged not to bring backpacks and other personal items to Cobo Center.  If they do, they need to check it at Coat Check.  Adult assistants should not allow, or let student’s know that you will watch personal items while they are competing.   Students may not leave personal items in the competition area.

    • Be on time!  Remind students to be patient.  The time you check in is not the time they start the role play.  It can take up to an hour to complete the entire process from start to finish for each event.

    • You are allowed to use the notes and work that you create during your preparation time when in with the judge, but not the actual event description.  

    • You are not allowed to discuss the events with anyone until after all competitions are finished.  

    • It is critical that you stay in your assigned section.  It is your responsibility to make sure that you are competing in the correct section.  You will only be competing against other students in your section.  (For example, if you are in Section A you are only competing against the 8-12 other students in Section A).

    • Handouts created using the materials provided during the designated preparation period and appropriate to the situation may be handed to or left with judges while competing.  Nothing of monetary value can be handed to the judges.  

    • All notes are to be turned in when you check-out after each judged event.  There will be a check-out table at the opposite end of where you entered to compete.

    • You are not to discuss the event with anyone until after everyone has competed.

    • Awards:  Medallions will be given for each judged events and for the test.  Finalists will receive a red, white and blue medallion. State Champions qualifying for the International Conference will receive a plaque.  

    • Participants should also take the Mathematics or Economics Examination on Saturday.



NEW:  Students should only bring materials that are needed for competition.  Student Coats and Bags need to be checked with Coat Check.  Adult Assistants are not responsible for watching items left by competitors.


Only the event Director can deny something or penalize a student.  This must be documented on the Scantron and initialed by the event director and the event coordinator.


Judged Events

Adult Assistants


  • The Student Check-in Assistant will check in the participants at the assigned times. The students will stand by the counter until the Walk to Holding Area Assistant takes them to the holding area.  After all participants have gone to the holding area for both events, this person should go to work with the Student Check-out Assistant to help double check the evaluation forms.

  • The Walk to Holding Area Assistant will walk the students to the holding area and from the holding area to the prep area.  Report to the Student Check-out table when finished with the last student.

  • The Student Prep Assistant will bring the students from the holding area and prep the participants.  This assistant will also ensure that no participant has more than the indicated time for their role-play.  All participants must be given the full time to prep.  Do Not shorten any time for any reason. Report to the Student Check-out table when finished.  This person needs to remain in the prep area the entire time.

  • The Walk to Judges Assistant also orientates the judges.  They need to meet the judges in ­­­­­­­­­­­­the 330 Cobo Center.  They will answer any questions that the judges may have before they begin judging once the judges are set.  The Walk to Judges Assistant will make sure that all students are in their correct section.  Give the scantron forms for each section to the judges.  Make sure that the student sees the correct judge, and will time the event.  Give a one minute warning and end the time with judges when time is up. Report to the Student Check-out table when finished with your area.

  • The Student Check-out Assistant will collect all paperwork from the participants and initial each student’s schedule.  This assistant will show participants where to exit.   They will also collect,  bubble in the judges' scores, and shade in the #1 for event 1 and #2 for event 2 on every evaluation form.  

  • The Event Coordinator is to double check the event set-up and confirms that the judges are ready before any students see the judges.  After the judges have seen the first few flights of students, the event chair should check with the other adult assistants to see if they need assistance.  This person should double check from time to time that the students are moving through the process in the correct section.

  • A chaperone will be assigned to assist on Saturday.  This person will be available to use where needed and to give breaks.


All Saturday Adult Assistants 

Everyone needs to check judge Scantron forms prior to turning them into the conference headquarters.  

All forms are to have the following items checked:

  • Student name on the form

  • ID and Event Number are correctly penciled in

  • Judge(s) initials are on the form

  • Double check the judges' addition

  • Each item's individual points are penciled in correctly

  • Each student saw the correct judge for their section

  • A scantron is being turned in for each student or team.

  • All students/teams must be accounted for, including No Shows.


The Event Coordinator must complete the Gold Event Check List and the Red Event Evaluation Form.

Staging & Prep Area


  • The event coordinator must pick up the event box from the Show Office B by 8:15 a.m. for morning events and 12:15 p.m. for afternoon events.


  • Check your event areas to make sure they are set up before the participants arrive.  


  • Participants will check in at their scheduled time at the area indicated in the conference program.


  • Participants must see the judge(s) according to the section in which they have been assigned.


  • A “Flight” is formed when students from each section are taken to see the judges during one time period.  


  • A “Section” consists of the set of participants that will see a set judge.  These participants will compete against each other.


  • If a participant does not show up for their time, they must wait for an empty slot to become available in their event and section.  Never place any student into a different section.   For example, students in section A must remain in Section A, Students in Section B must remain in section B, etc.


  • Participants will wait in the holding area together, with their flight, until it is time for their prep.


  • All Adult Assistants are to watch to insure that no students are using or even looking at their phone, electronic devises or outside materials at any time from when they check-in until they leave the competition area.


  • Participants are then prepped.  All participants must be given the full times to prep.  Do Not shorten any time for any reason.  Note:  Since there will be two sets of prep tables we will need to stagger when the flights prep so that every student(s) has no more and no less time.  This means that the students will most likely wait for a minute or two at their prep table before they begin prepping.


  • Student/team information will be preprinted on the Scantron forms.  The ID circles will still need to be shaded in.  If you do not have a Scantron form for a student/team, complete one of the blank forms.


  • Participants are to wait for the judges.  Let’s keep the participants waiting and not the judges.


  • All participants of a flight meet with their respective judge(s) at the same time.  Participant instructions are collected prior to being walked into the competition area.


  • After the role-play, the participants then check out with the Student Check-out person.  This assistant will remind the participant to return for the second event.  It is important for this assistant to be upbeat and   positive since this will be the participants' first contact after being evaluated.






  • The student check-out person collects all participant information sheets, notes and worksheets. This assistant also collects the evaluation from the judges at the end of competition, totals the forms, pencils in each item's score and erases stray marks.  All notes are to be collected by the check-out person.  Return all paper, including student notes, in your event box.  Do NOT though any paper into the trash or recycle bins.


  • If a student does not show up for their competition, fill out a Scantron form with their name, school, ID, a score of "1" and write "No Show" in the comments section.


NEW:  Students should only bring materials that are needed for competition.  Student Coats and Bags need to be checked with Coat Check.  Adult Assistants are not responsible for watching items left by competitors.


Only the event Director can deny something or penalize a student.  This must be documented on the Scantron and initialed by the event director and the event coordinator.




  • Adult Assistants should start prepping students in Team Decision Making Events by 8:45 a.m. for morning events and 12:45 p.m. for afternoon events.   Students in Individual Events should start prepping at 9:15 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.


  • The Adult Assistant will meet with their judges in the 330 Cobo Center on Saturday, at 
    8:45 a.m. for morning events and 12:30 p.m. for afternoon events.  


  • Judges are to be divided into two groups (event 1 & event 2) of five sections.  Depending on the   number of judges, they will judge individually or as a team of two.  You are to take your judges only in multiples of 6 Judges.  Each event will have 12, 18 or 24 judges.  DO NOT LEAVE THE ROOM IF YOU HAVE ANY OTHER NUMBER OF JUDGES.

  • If twelve judges have been assigned to your event, each judge will work alone.

  • If eighteen judges have been assigned to your event, one event will have one judge evaluating each student and one event will have two judges working together.

  • If twenty-four judges have been assigned to your event, both events will have two judges working together.

  • Do NOT leave Room 330 with your judges until you have personally checked out with: Dave Wait.  


  • At the Judges’ orientation, you should distribute the directions for the participatory event to the judges for review.  Instruct them to read both the participant and the judges section.  Then, as a group, they should discuss the event with each other to be sure they are all looking for the same competencies and asking similar questions.  Each judge or pair of judges should receive a list of students they will be evaluating.


  • Stress the importance of evaluating each participant on the same criteria.


  • All judges must initial each evaluation form.


  • Each judge must see every participant assigned to their section.


  • Remind the judges to be consistent on the evaluation and do not worry if they feel they are              evaluating the participant higher or lower than other judges.  To ensure consistency, we recommend that the scores of all the participants evaluated by a judge do not exceed a range of 40 points, from the highest to the lowest competitors’ score.  The scores should be in a range between 55-95 points.  Avoid giving 100 points.  If 100 points are given, there is no score to give if a better participant comes along.  


  • Remind the judges that competition is for all members and that performance will vary due to length of training and skill level.  We emphasize the learning aspect of competition, thus, no participant should receive a score below 50 points.


  • Do not rush the start of competition - make sure that the judges have thoroughly discussed the event situation and agree on the criteria to evaluate the students.  The goal is a quality experience for each student and judge, not to be the first person done!


  • Allow all judges to take a break at the same time.  We recommend a break just prior to the start of competition and at:

    • Morning Judges - 10:30 a.m.

    • Afternoon Judges - 2:30 p.m.


  • Each morning judge is invited to lunch in room 340.  Please send morning judges to lunch when they have finished.  Lunch is from 12:00 noon to 2:00 p.m.   (Afternoon judges will have lunch in the 330 Cobo Center, as part of their orientation.)  Lunch is just for those that have judged, we do not have the budget to provide lunch for the Adult Assistants.


  • Because of budgetary considerations, we cannot provide lunch for the event coordinator, or adult     assistants.  Please eat at other times or arrange to purchase a ticket ahead of time.  (If any adult assistant would like to join the judges for lunch, they may do so for $35.00.  Tickets may be purchased from DECA Headquarters. ) 


  • When the judges are finished, please collect the Judge survey that was included in their registration packets.  These surveys are very important to Michigan DECA.  Return these surveys with your event materials at the end of the day.


  • Make sure that you complete the Event Evaluation Sheet.  Leave it in your event box when you return it to tabulation.


  • As Soon As You Are Finished:  Turn in all events and materials to the “Tab Room”.  Place your event box in the corner and give your Scantron envelopes to the person at the front desk.  Please be patient, as they go through the check-out process.  


  • All morning events must be completed by 12:30 p.m. and afternoon events by 6:00 p.m.



NEW:  Students should only bring materials that are needed for competition.  Student Coats and Bags need to be checked with Coat Check.  Adult Assistants are not responsible for watching items left by competitors.


Only the event Director can deny something or penalize a student.  This must be documented on the Scantron and initialed by the event director and the event coordinator.



2017 – Michigan DECA SCDC Event Administration Guide Page 1