Starting a DECA Chapter


DECA is a co-curricular component of a marketing and business administration program.  Below are the steps that are involved in establishing a chapter as part of your program.

  • Contact the Michigan DECA office
    • To be placed on the state and national mailing lists
    • To receive additional information and updates
    • To be matched to a mentor to help you through the process
  • Talk to your school administration to see of your district has any requirements to establishing a co-curricular student organization.
  • Sign up for Michigan DECA’s New Advisor In-service, which is held annually in October.
  • Talk to your students about the benefits of joining.
  • Submit your membership roster to DECA.
  • Visit the Advisor Resources Page for helpful files.

Once you have submitted the membership roster, your students can begin receiving the benefits of being a member.


Want a DECA chapter in your school? First talk with your marketing or business teacher and share with them your interest in DECA and starting a chapter. You can direct them to contact the Michigan DECA office for all the information they need to get started. Next you can get in touch with the Michigan DECA state officers to help you recruit members and start building a chapter!