Spotlight on DECA

Spotlight on DECA is our newsletter written by the State Officers for the student members of Michigan DECA.  Articles help build on DECA’s guiding principles to make our members be academically prepared, community oriented, professionally responsible, and experienced leaders.

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Fall 2016 Edition

Fall 2016 Edition


Winter 2016-2017 Edition will be mailed in December


Spring 2017 Edition will be mailed in March


Fall 2015 Edition

Fall 2015 Edition

Winter 2016 Edition

Winter 2015-2016 Edition

Spring 2016 Edition

Spring 2016 Edition


Fall 2014 Edition

Fall 2014 Edition

Winter 2014-15 Edition

Winter 2014-2015 Edition

Spring 2015 Edition

Spring 2015 Edition\

Fall 2013 Edition

Witner 2013-2014 Edition

Spring 2014 Edition

Fall 2012 Edition

Winter 2012-2013 Edition

Spring 2013 Edition

Fall 2011 Edition

Winter 2011-2012 Edition

Spring 2012 Edition

Fall 2010 Edition

Winter 2010-2011 Edition

Spring 2011 Edition

Fall 2009 Edition

Winter 2009-2010 Edition

Spring 2010 Edition