Gimmie5! Award

Michigan DECA is encouraging each chapter to increase their membership by five members or more. Each chapter that increases their membership by five members will receive a special Recognition Plaque for display in their classroom. Chapters with 100% membership can participate by signing up at least five Alumni and/or Professional members; in addition to the chapter advisor(s).

Recognition Includes:

  • Additional competitor entries per event for the District Conference.
  • Additional competitor entry per event for State Conference competition in the Integrated Marketing Campaign Product, Integrated Marketing Campaign Service, Integrated Marketing Campaign Event and Start-Up Business Plan events.
  • Recognition in Spotlight on DECA
  • Recognition on this website
  • A plaque for classroom display, awarded at the State Conference

So, how does my chapter get the recognition?
This recognition is easy. You do not have to fill out any forms, there are no questions to answer… nothing formal to do. All you need to do is recruit five more members for your DECA chapter. If you’ve got five more members than you did last year, then you’ll be recognized. It’s that simple. You have until February 1st to submit the names of all of your DECA members for the school year.

Added Incentive for Gimmie5! Award Recipients
Michigan DECA will provide chapters that increase both their membership and district conference participation by 5 members a $500 credit off from your District Conference Registration fees. The process to receive this credit is simple. All a chapter needs to do is to achieve the steps below:

  • Sign-up and submit five or more members this year than your chapter had last year by November 30. Chapters with 100% membership can still be eligible if they return their 100% membership form and also sign up five professional or alumni members in addition to the chapter advisor(s).
  • Register five or more students than you had last year before November 30 to compete at your district conference.
  • Michigan DECA has posted the previous year’s membership and district conference numbers online here, so that you will have a goal for your chapter to receive your $500 credit.  Check the chart on the Incentive webpage to see how many members your chapter needs to recruit to receive this credit.

2020-2021 Chapters that have earned the Gimme 5! Award:

Will be posted in the fall