100% Membership

The foundation of a strong local chapter is for all marketing education students to be granted the opportunity to become DECA members. An active DECA chapter recognizes that all members can benefit at local activities. For this reason, chapters with 100% membership plan a program of local activities so all marketing education students can become DECA members, students learn to develop their leadership, civic, social, and career and technical skills at the local chapter level.

Michigan DECA defines 100% Membership as all students enrolled in all Marketing Education Classes taught by an individual teacher. This includes, but is not limited to, introductory courses, specialty courses (i.e. apparel, tourism, entrepreneurship) and management courses as well as general marketing education courses. 100% Membership recognition will not be given to those chapters who do not submit the completed 100% Membership Reporting Form by November 30.

To encourage and reward chapters for having 100% membership, Michigan DECA has developed the following recognition for chapters with 100% membership:

  1. The State Conference Judged Event Results at no additional charge.
  2. Additional competitor entry per event offered at the District Conference.
  3. Additional competitor entry per event for State Conference competition in Integrated Marketing Campaign Product, Integrated Marketing Campaign Service, Integrated Marketing Campaign Event and Start-Up Business Plan events.
  4. Recognition at the State Conference, in Spotlight on DECA, and on this page.
  5. 100% Membership Certificate

To receive these benefits, 100% membership chapters must:

  • Submit their Membership Roster and full payment to DECA Inc. by October 31st.
  • Submit Michigan DECA’s 100% Membership Reporting Form to Michigan DECA by November 30th.
  • Remember to check the appropriate boxes on the District & State Conference Registration Forms to receive copies of the events at no charge.
100% Membership Chapters for 2018-2019:

Airport High School
Bridgman High School
Careerline Tech Center
Detroit Southeastern High School
Davison High School
Frankenmuth High School
Gabriel Richard Catholic High School
Grosse Pointe South High School
Hamilton High School
Harper Creek High School
Hartland High School
Huron Area Tech Center
Lakeview High School
Maple Valley High School
Montague High School
Tuscola Technology Center
Van Buren Technology Center
Waterford Kettering High School
Wexford-Missaukee CTC
Wyandotte Roosevelt High School