Michigan DECA Calendar

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2019 Calendar

September 30

Registration Deadline for:​​ New Advisor In-service

October 4

Registration Deadline for:​​ MME Fall Conference Housing and Registration

October 8

New Advisor In-service,​​ Eastern Michigan University​​ 

October 10

Advisors’​​ Council Meeting,​​ Michigan State University

October 18

Registration Deadline for: ​​​​ State Leadership Conference and Housing

Submissions accepted only online through the Chapter Registration Portal

October 18

Registration Deadline:​​ Central Region​​ Leadership Conference​​ 

October 24 & 25

MME Fall Conference,​​ Kellogg Center, Lansing, Michigan

October 31

Deadline for: ​​​​ Student & Advisor Memberships Due to DECA Inc. ​​ 


All rosters and payments must be submitted and received by this date


DECA Month

November 1

Payment Deadline for: ​​​​ State Leadership Conferences

November 12

Deadline For: ​​​​ Proctor Registration Form (for District Conference Testing)

November 12-13

State Leadership Conference,​​ Grand Rapids, Michigan

November 18-24

Global Entrepreneurship Week

November 21

Registration Deadline for: ​​​​ District Conference

Submissions accepted only online through the Chapter Registration Portal

November 22

Deadline For: ​​​​ Sports & Entertainment Workshop Registration

November 30

Deadlines for:



100% Membership Reporting Form to Michigan DECA



Membership rosters to DECA Inc. for campaign recognition



Membership Campaign entries to DECA Inc.

December 2-11

Online Testing Window for District Conferences


Chapters in​​ District 6 must complete testing by December 6

December 6

Sports & Entertainment Marketing Workshop,​​ Little Caesars Arena, Detroit

December 6-8

Central Region Leadership Conference,​​ Minneapolis, Minnesota​​ 

December 9

Payment Deadline for: ​​​​ District Conferences

December 11

Deadline For: ​​​​ Bronze level MAP names for recognition at District Conferences

December 13

District 6 Conference,​​ Lawrence Technological University

December 17

District 1 Conference,​​ Saginaw Valley State University

December 18

District 8 Conference,​​ Wayne County Community College, Taylor campus

December 19

District 3 Conference,​​ Kalamazoo Valley Community College


2020 Calendar

January 7

District 2 Conference,​​ Ferris State University

January 9

District 4 Conference,​​ Eastern Michigan University​​ 

January 10

District 5 Conference,​​ Eastern Michigan University

January 10

Deadline for:​​ School-Based Enterprise​​ Documentation, to DECA Inc.

January 11

District 7 Conference,​​ Lake Orion High School

January 15

State Conference Registration & Housing Opens

Submissions accepted only online through the Chapter Registration Portal

January 17

Deadline for:​​ Online DECA Scholarship Applications due

January 24

Registration Deadline:​​ State Officer Candidate Screening

February 1

Deadlines for:​​ 



Proctor Registration Form for State Conference Testing



International Conference Academies Applications



Bronze, Silver, and Gold level MAP names for Certificates

February 1

State Officer Candidate Screening,​​ Lansing, Michigan​​ 

February 5

Registration Deadline for: ​​​​ State Conference Registration and Housing

Submissions accepted only online through the Chapter Registration Portal

February 5

Deadline​​ for online submission of written events to the Chapter Registration Portal



All written events, (except for Chapter Awards Projects) must be uploaded



by the chapter advisor to avoid penalty points and/or disqualification.

February 5

Deadline​​ for hard copy submission of​​ some written events, see guidelines for list.



Hardcopies of required written events must arrive at our office by this date.​​ 

February 21

Payment Deadline for:​​ State Career Development Conference​​ 

February 19-26

Online Testing Window for the State Conference

February​​ 20-21

Advisors’ Council Meeting,​​ Detroit, Michigan

February 28

Deadline for: ​​​​ MDA Verification form MDA to be recognized at State Conference

March 1

Deadline for: ​​​​ Advocacy Campaign entries to DECA Inc.

March 5- 7

New days: Thurs-Sat

State Career​​ Development Conference,​​ Detroit, Michigan

March 17

Registration Deadline for:​​ International Career Development Conference

Submissions accepted only online through the Chapter Registration Portal


April 10

Payment Deadline for:​​ International Career​​ Development Conference

April 28 - May 3

International Career Development Conference,​​ Nashville, Tennessee


Planning Ahead? Future Dates

March 11-13, 2021 – State Career Development Conference, Detroit, Michigan
April 23-28, 2021 – International Career Development Conference, Anaheim, California


March 10-12, 2022 – State Career Development Conference, Detroit, Michigan
April 22-27, 2022 – International Career Development Conference, Atlanta, Georgia


March 9-11, 2023 – State Career Development Conference, Detroit, Michigan
April 21-26, 2023 – International Career Development Conference, Orlando, Florida