Michigan DECA Calendar

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2019 TENTATIVE Calendar

July 31

Advisors’ Council Meeting,​​ Michigan State University

September 30

Registration Deadline for:​​ New Advisor In-service

October TBA

Registration Deadline for:​​ MME Fall Conference Housing and Registration

October TBA

Advisors’ Council​​ Meeting,​​ Michigan State University

October 8

New Advisor In-service,​​ Eastern Michigan University​​ 

October 15

Registration Deadline:​​ ​​ State Leadership Conference

October 24 & 25

MME Fall Conference,​​ Kellogg Center, Lansing, Michigan

October 31

Deadline​​ for: ​​​​ Student & Advisor Memberships Due to DECA Inc. ​​ 



All rosters and payments must be submitted and received by this date


Registration Deadline:​​ Central Region Leadership Conference​​ 


DECA Month

November 12

Deadline For: ​​​​ Proctor​​ Registration Form (for District Conference Testing)

November 12-13

State Leadership Conference,​​ Grand Rapids, Michigan

November 18-24

Global Entrepreneurship Week

November 18

Registration Deadline for: ​​​​ District Conference

November 30

Deadlines for:



100% Membership Reporting Form to Michigan DECA



Membership rosters to DECA Inc. for campaign recognition



Membership Campaign entries to DECA Inc.

December 2-11

Online Testing Window for District Conferences



Chapters in District 6 must complete​​ testing by December 6

December 6-8

Central Region Leadership Conference,​​ Minneapolis, Minnesota​​ 

December 9

Payment Deadline for: ​​​​ District Conferences

December 11

Deadline For: ​​​​ Bronze level MAP names for recognition at District Conferences

December​​ 13

District 6 Conference,​​ Lawrence Technological University

December 17

District 1 Conference,​​ Saginaw Valley State University

December 18

District 8 Conference,​​ Wayne County Community College, Taylor campus

December 19

District 3 Conference,​​ Kalamazoo​​ Valley Community College


2020 TENTATIVE Calendar

January 7

District 2 Conference,​​ Ferris State University

January 9

District 4 Conference,​​ Eastern Michigan University​​ 

January 10

District 5 Conference,​​ Eastern Michigan University

January 11

District 7 Conference,​​ Lake Orion High School

January TBA

Deadline for:​​ School-Based Enterprise Documentation, to DECA Inc.

January TBA

Deadline for:​​ Online DECA Scholarship Applications due

January 24

Registration Deadline:​​ State Officer Candidate Screening

January 27

First Day Chapters Can Submit State Conference Housing Forms

February 1

Deadlines for:​​ 



Proctor Registration Form for State Conference Testing



International Conference Academies Applications



Bronze, Silver, and Gold level MAP names for Certificates

February 1

State Officer Candidate Screening,​​ Lansing, Michigan​​ 

February 6

Registration Deadline:​​ State Conference Registration and Housing Forms​​ 

February 6-14

TurnItIn submission window of written events for plagiarism review



All written events, (except for Chapter Awards Projects) must be uploaded



by the chapter advisor to avoid penalty points and/or disqualification.

February 15

Written Event Screening,​​ Eastern Michigan University



Hardcopies of all written events,​​ including​​ Gold Merit Award Projects and



Chapter​​ Awards Projects are due on or before this date.

February 21

Payment Deadline for:​​ State Career Development Conference​​ 

February 19-26

Online Testing Window for the State Conference

February 20-21

Advisors’ Council Meeting,​​ Detroit, Michigan

February 28

Deadline for: ​​​​ MDA Verification form MDA to be recognized at State Conference

March 1

Deadline for: ​​​​ Advocacy Campaign entries to DECA Inc.

March​​ 5-​​ 7

New days: Thurs-Sat

State Career Development Conference,​​ Detroit, Michigan

March 18

Registration Deadline for:​​ International Career Development Conference

April 10

Payment Deadline for:​​ International Career Development Conference

April 28 - May 3

International Career Development Conference,​​ Nashville, Tennessee


Planning Ahead? Future Dates

April 23-28, 2021 – International Career Development Conference, Anaheim, California

April 22-27, 2022 – International Career Development Conference, Atlanta, Georgia

April 21-26, 2023 – International Career Development Conference, Orlando, Florida