Leadership and Teamwork Event

We are currently updating guidelines and forms for the 2019-2020 school year.  Most will be posted in September/October.

The Leadership and Teamwork Event is designed to develop leadership ability by providing DECA members with the opportunity to demonstrate the basic principles of conducting a business meeting while deciding on the best solution to a problem presented to the group.  This event is a team, rather than an individual, competition.   Therefore, members learn the importance of cooperation and decision making through competitive performance.  The event will examine each team’s ability to review all points of a basic marketing or management problem and develop an appropriate solution.


Any Michigan DECA member may enter this team event. Team members may not compete in any other event (except the Merit Award Program) at the State Conference.

  1. All students registered in the Leadership & Teamwork must be non-Seniors.
  2. Each school is eligible to enter one team in the Leadership & Teamwork Event at the State Conference. Team members are not allowed to compete in any other event, except the Merit Award Program.
  3. A team will consist of three members. One person must assume the role of facilitator and one person must assume the role of recorder. A 15 point deduction will apply for teams with less than three members.
Length of Event
  • 60 minute comprehensive exam (taken online)
  • 20 minutes for preparation
  • 8 minutes for presentation
  • 5 minutes for the judges’ questions
Equipment Supplied:

Event Situation and blank white paper.