2021-2022 Competitive Event Changes

Updates from Michigan DECA:

  • All conference participants will be required to complete and turn in a fully signed COVID-19 Acknowledgement and Liability Waiver when arriving at any Michigan DECA conference.
  • We have added to the banned items during competition: Cell phones, smartphones, smartwatches, iPads, iPods, AirPods/wireless or wired earbuds, PDAs, programmable calculators, and graphing calculators may not be used or worn during competition, which includes during online testing, prep-time, waiting for judges, and during competition in role-play events.
  • Online Testing rules have reverted to normal; students must test in school in the presence of a Proctor, no open book/notes/second electronic device allowed, and students will have 100 minutes to complete the 100-question exam.
  • Chapter Awards Program (CAP) and Gold Merit Award Program (GMAP) presentation guidelines have been updated to mirror the requirements of other written events.
  • If any Written Events are created in a graphic design program (like Canva), the project must be saved/exported as a high-quality PDF file for TurnItIn.com to be able to read the words as text for plagiarism review. More information will be in future updates and in the instructions when uploading projects to the online competition portal.
  • The written event deadline is February 10, 2022, for submission to the online competition portal. Some events will only need to be uploaded, and other events will need both an online upload and a hard copy. Refer to the written event submission information for complete details.


Updates from DECA, Inc.

  • All international competitive events with a written entry component will require that the written entry be submitted online prior to the DECA International Career Development Conference. The deadline for submission through the online competition submission portal is April 7, 2022.
  • Preliminary presentations for international written events without an exam component will present to the judge on Sunday, April 24, 2022. The written entry will be evaluated prior to ICDC. No competition will take place on Monday for these events. Finalists will continue to be announced Tuesday morning. This includes events in these categories: Business Operations Events, Project Management Events, Entrepreneurship Written Events, Stock Market Game
  • The following international competitive events will begin presentations with judges on the morning of Monday, April 25, 2022. There will be no events that begin in the afternoon as in the past.  Principles of Business Administration Events, Individual Series Events, Team Decision Making Events Integrated Marketing Campaign Events, Professional Selling and Consulting Events, and School Based Enterprise.
  • Penalty Points will be accessed to the International Conference finalists’ projects after the preliminary presentations to determine the event finalists. Not every project will be accessed for penalty points.
Download a printer-friendly list of these changes

Please note: Michigan DECA does NOT offer competition in DECA’s Accounting Applications or Personal Financial Literacy events.

Events that start competition at the District Conference:

Competitors in these events compete at the District Conference in order to qualify for competition at the State Conference.  Please see the event’s guidelines for more information.

  • Apparel & Accessories Marketing (AAM)
  • Automotive Services Marketing (ASM)
  • Business Finance (BFS)
  • Business Law & Ethics Team Decision Making (BLTDM)
  • Business Services Marketing Series (BSM)
  • Buying and Merchandising Team Decision Making (BTDM)
  • Entrepreneurship Team Decision Making  (ETDM)
  • Entrepreneurship Series (ENT)
  • Financial Consulting Event (FCE)
  • Financial Services Team Decision Making (FTDM)
  • Food Marketing Series (FMS)
  • Hospitality & Tourism Professional Selling Event (HTPS)
  • Hospitality Services Team Decision Making (HTDM)
  • Hotel and Lodging Management (HLM)
  • Human Resources Management (HRM)
  • Marketing Communications (MCS)
  • Marketing Management Team Decision Making (MTDM)
  • Principles of Business Management (PBM) – only non-seniors may compete in this event
  • Principles of Finance (PFN) – only non-seniors may compete in this event
  • Principles of Hospitality & Tourism (PHT) – only non-seniors may compete in this event
  • Principles of Marketing (PMK) – only non-seniors may compete in this event
  • Professional Selling Event (PSE)
  • Quick Serve Restaurant Management (QSRM)
  • Restaurant & Food Service Management (RFSM)
  • Retail Merchandising (RMS)
  • Sports & Entertainment Marketing Team Decision Making (STDM)
  • Sports and Entertainment Marketing (SEM)
  • Travel & Tourism Marketing Team Decision Making (TTDM)

Events that start competition at the State Conference:

Competitors in these events will only compete at the State Conference, and do not advance to the International Conference.  Please see the event’s guidelines for more information.  

  • Ethics Team Event (ETH) – only seniors may compete in this event, a team of two
  • Leadership & Teamwork Event (LTW) – only non-seniors may compete in this event, a team of three


Competitors in these written events will need to compete at the State Conference in order to qualify for competition at the International Conference.  Please see the event’s guidelines for more information.  Written event projects need to be submitted prior to the State Conference for screening; refer to the Written Event page for more information.

  • Business Growth Plan (EBG)
  • Business Services Operations Research (BOR)
  • Business Solutions Project (PMBS)
  • Buying & Merchandising Operations Research (BMOR)
  • Career Development Project (PMCD)
  • Chapter Awards Program (CAP)
  • Community Awareness Project (PMCA
  • Community Giving Project (PMCG)
  • Finance Operations Research (FOR)
  • Financial Literacy Project (PMFL)
  • Franchise Business Plan (EFB)
  • Gold Merit Award Program (GMAP sometimes referred to as MAP)
  • Hospitality & Tourism Operations Research (HTOR)
  • Independent Business Plan (EIB)
  • Innovation Plan (EIP)
  • Integrated Marketing Campaign Event (IMCE)
  • Integrated Marketing Campaign Product (IMCP)
  • Integrated Marketing Campaign Service (IMCS)
  • International Business Plan (IBP)
  • Sales Project (PMSP)
  • Sports & Entertainment Marketing Operations Research (SEOR)
  • Start-Up Business Plan (ESB)

Other events:

International Conference qualifiers in these events will proceed directly to the International Conference, through the process established by DECA Inc.  Please see the event’s guidelines for more information.  These students may not attend the District or State Conferences unless they are competing in another event.

  • School Based Enterprise (SBE) – see below*
  • Stock Market Game (SMG)
  • Virtual Business Challenge: Accounting (VBCAC)
  • Virtual Business Challenge: Entrepreneurship (VBCEN)
  • Virtual Business Challenge: Fashion (VBCFA)
  • Virtual Business Challenge: Hotel Management (VBCHM)
  • Virtual Business Challenge: Personal Finance (VBCPF)
  • Virtual Business Challenge: Restaurant (VBCRS)
  • Virtual Business Challenge: Retail (VBCRT)
  • Virtual Business Challenge: Sports (VBCSP)

*Chapters participating in School Based Enterprise that receive the Gold Certification or Gold Re-Certification have the option to bring 1-3 student(s) to present their work at the State Conference, if they are not in an event that is competing Friday morning. This practice competition will follow the international guidelines. The top five teams will receive recognition at the Award Session. Teams that receive the Gold Certification or Re-Certification do not have to attend the State Conference; they can advance directly to the International Conference.