2020-2021 Competitive Event Changes

Updates from Michigan DECA

  • All District Conferences will be conducted virtually in December. You will need to attend the virtual award ceremony in January to find out your chapter’s medalists.
  • Online Testing guidelines and rules have changed this year to allow students to test either at school with a Proctor, or virtually from home. As such, the test will be open book but reduced to 70 minutes. Students that will be testing from home will need to complete the Michigan DECA Honor Code online form with their parents prior to testing.
  • Chapter Award Program (CAP) participants at the State Conference will be allowed to compete in a roleplay event that competes on Friday, as well as the CAP event which competes on Thursday.
  • Gold Level Merit Award Program (GMAP) participants will upload their project to the written event judge portal for the State Conference competition by February 11, 2021. The uploaded copy must be a PDF, and will be used for online judging prior to the conference. A hard copy is also due to the Michigan DECA office, which will be used for penalty point evaluation. The presentation portion of the competition will be continued to be evaluated at the conference in front of a judge.


Updates from DECA, Inc.

  • Team Decision Making Events will combine the 10-minute presentation and 5-minute judge questions period to 15 minutes for presentation and judge questions.
  • Virtual Business Challenge–Entrepreneurship (VBCEN) event has been added.
  • The format for the Virtual Business Challenge competition will change. For each track, all 16 teams will compete in two sessions, and the final rankings will be determined based on the cumulative score from both sessions.
  • Participants in the Business Solutions Project (PMBS) will upload their written entry electronically for ICDC as DECA pilots electronic written entry submission. Once DECA Inc. receives registration from Michigan DECA, (national) DECA Inc. will e-mail the chapter advisors with entries in PMBS with instructions on how to upload the written entry. This written entry will be the entry used to score during preliminary and final competition at ICDC.
  • The School Based Enterprise (SBE) competition allocation has been changed to 1-3 chapter members that are allowed to attend the State and International Conferences.
  • There are two different SBE certification guidelines this year, for chapters that are in-person, and for chapters that are virtual. Be sure to read the guidelines carefully.
Download a printer-friendly list of these changes

Please note: Michigan DECA does NOT offer competition in DECA’s Accounting Applications or Personal Financial Literacy events.

Events that start competition at the District Conference:

Competitors in these events compete at the District Conference in order to qualify for competition at the State Conference.  Please see the event’s guidelines for more information.

  • Apparel & Accessories Marketing (AAM)
  • Automotive Services Marketing (ASM)
  • Business Finance (BFS)
  • Business Law & Ethics Team Decision Making (BLTDM)
  • Business Services Marketing Series (BSM)
  • Buying and Merchandising Team Decision Making (BTDM)
  • Entrepreneurship Team Decision Making  (ETDM)
  • Entrepreneurship Series (ENT)
  • Financial Consulting Event (FCE)
  • Financial Services Team Decision Making (FTDM)
  • Food Marketing Series (FMS)
  • Hospitality & Tourism Professional Selling Event (HTPS)
  • Hospitality Services Team Decision Making (HTDM)
  • Hotel and Lodging Management (HLM)
  • Human Resources Management (HRM)
  • Marketing Communications (MCS)
  • Marketing Management Team Decision Making (MTDM)
  • Principles of Business Management (PBM) – only non-seniors may compete in this event
  • Principles of Finance (PFN) – only non-seniors may compete in this event
  • Principles of Hospitality & Tourism (PHT) – only non-seniors may compete in this event
  • Principles of Marketing (PMK) – only non-seniors may compete in this event
  • Professional Selling Event (PSE)
  • Quick Serve Restaurant Management (QSRM)
  • Restaurant & Food Service Management (RFSM)
  • Retail Merchandising (RMS)
  • Sports & Entertainment Marketing Team Decision Making (STDM)
  • Sports and Entertainment Marketing (SEM)
  • Travel & Tourism Marketing Team Decision Making (TTDM)

Events that start competition at the State Conference:

Competitors in these events will only compete at the State Conference, and do not advance to the International Conference.  Please see the event’s guidelines for more information.  

  • Ethics Team Event (ETH) – only seniors may compete in this event, a team of two
  • Leadership & Teamwork Event (LTW) – only non-seniors may compete in this event, a team of three


Competitors in these written events will need to compete at the State Conference in order to qualify for competition at the International Conference.  Please see the event’s guidelines for more information.  Written event projects need to be submitted prior to the State Conference for screening; refer to the Written Event page for more information.

  • Business Growth Plan (EBG)
  • Business Services Operations Research (BOR)
  • Business Solutions Project (PMBS)
  • Buying & Merchandising Operations Research (BMOR)
  • Career Development Project (PMCD)
  • Chapter Awards Program (CAP)
  • Community Awareness Project (PMCA
  • Community Giving Project (PMCG)
  • Finance Operations Research (FOR)
  • Financial Literacy Project (PMFL)
  • Franchise Business Plan (EFB)
  • Gold Merit Award Program (GMAP sometimes referred to as MAP)
  • Hospitality & Tourism Operations Research (HTOR)
  • Independent Business Plan (EIB)
  • Innovation Plan (EIP)
  • Integrated Marketing Campaign Event (IMCE)
  • Integrated Marketing Campaign Product (IMCP)
  • Integrated Marketing Campaign Service (IMCS)
  • International Business Plan (IBP)
  • Sales Project (PMSP)
  • Sports & Entertainment Marketing Operations Research (SEOR)
  • Start-Up Business Plan (ESB)

Other events:

International Conference qualifiers in these events will proceed directly to the International Conference, through the process established by DECA Inc.  Please see the event’s guidelines for more information.  These students may not attend the District or State Conferences unless they are competing in another event.

  • School Based Enterprise (SBE) – see below*
  • Stock Market Game (SMG)
  • Virtual Business Challenge: Accounting (VBCAC)
  • NEW FOR 2021: Virtual Business Challenge: Entrepreneurship (VBCEN)
  • Virtual Business Challenge: Fashion (VBCFA)
  • Virtual Business Challenge: Hotel Management (VBCHM)
  • Virtual Business Challenge: Personal Finance (VBCPF)
  • Virtual Business Challenge: Restaurant (VBCRS)
  • Virtual Business Challenge: Retail (VBCRT)
  • Virtual Business Challenge: Sports (VBCSP)

*Chapters participating in School Based Enterprise that receive the Gold Certification or Gold Re-Certification have the option to bring 1-3 student(s) to present their work at the State Conference, if they are not in an event that is competing Friday morning. This practice competition will follow the international guidelines. The top five teams will receive recognition at the Award Session. Teams that receive the Gold Certification or Re-Certification do not have to attend the State Conference; they can advance directly to the International Conference.