Chapter Awards Program

The Chapter Awards Program is an instructional enrichment program for marketing education. The program is designed for chapters to develop a well-rounded program of work and is based on chapter achievement accompanied with an awards program for chapter recognition.

The Chapter Awards Program should be initiated early in the year, so chapter members will realize the greatest benefits of their involvement. A thorough orientation of the purpose and operation of the program is vital for the preparation of the members.

Use your creativity when creating your documentation and section heading pages. Your chapter’s Chapter Awards Program scrapbook is one that you should want to show off to future DECA members to explain and showcase your DECA activities.

The objectives of the Chapter Awards Program (CAP) are:

  1. Encourage local chapter organization by planning a yearly program of activities
  2. Build member involvement
  3. Encourage DECA membership at local, state and international levels
  4. Build school and community recognition for the marketing education program and the DECA chapter
  5. Learn of activities and projects that strengthen the local chapter
  6. Recognize chapters for their accomplishments

The Chapter Awards Program will provide recognition at three levels:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

The level of recognition will be determined by the number and type of activities a chapter completes in each of the following categories:

  • Membership Development
  • Community Oriented
  • Experienced Leaders
  • Academically Prepared
  • Professionally Responsible
  • Promotion/Public Relations

Chapters will claim credit for activities by submitting an activity report and visual documentation.


Overview of Guidelines

Please refer to the link to the right for the full project guidelines.


  1. All students competing at the State Conference MUST be included on the chapter’s registration.
  2. Advisors are responsible to ensure that the written projects are submitted under the correct event and team members paired correctly.
  3. The DECA Written Event Statement of Assurances and Academic Integrity form (on page 57 of the national DECA Guide), certifying the originality of the work must be signed by the advisor and each student listed on the event before the event is submitted. The Statement of Assurances and Academic Integrity form must be the first page of each entry. Only those students who signed the Statement of Assurances and Academic Integrity form and have been included on the chapter’s registration form will be allowed to compete in the event.
  4. All content must be original work of the student(s) that signed the DECA Statement of Assurances and Academic Integrity form. No part of the written project can be previously entered into competition or submitted in another DECA competitive event. Any events that are found to be plagiarized or previously submitted into competition will be disqualified. Those students will be dropped from the conference, and are not eligible for a refund of the conference registration fee.
  5. Chapter Advisors should review the work of the students and only submit written events that are a positive reflection on their chapter and their school.
  6. Entries must be in the following order: completed and signed DECA Statement of Assurances and Academic Integrity form, Cover Page, then the actual event following the guidelines set by DECA. (Do not include evaluation forms.)
  7. Any Chapter Awards Project that receives 40 or more penalty points will not be eligible to compete or attend the State Conference. The registration fee will be refunded at the 50% refund rate.
  8. Hard copies of all entries must be submitted in the specified DECA folio or binder, which is noted in the event’s guidelines. If it is not in the proper folio/binder, Michigan DECA will place it in a folio/ binder at a charge of five (5) times the current list price. Please note, that if the event is received in an improper folio/binder, that folio/binder will not be returned.
  9. Deadline extended!  Hard copies of all entries must be dropped off to the Michigan DECA office by 4:30 p.m. on February TBA, 2021. You may also ship entries, but please note:
    • All shipped packages should be sent to be received by February TBA, 2021. Packages scheduled to be received after this date run the risk of not arriving on time, and not being able to be screened for competition.
    • All USPS (postal service) packages take an extra day to be delivered to our office after delivery to the campus mailroom. We do not receive any USPS deliveries on Fridays.  Please plan for this delay. Any packages delivered on Thursday or Friday to the EMU campus mailroom may not reach our office before the deadline for screening.
    • Ship the packages so that you can track them to confirm that they have been delivered.
  10. The written portion of these events will not be evaluated prior to the State Conference.
  11. Any project that receives penalty points at the State Conference must be corrected prior to being submitted at the International Conference. Projects competing at the International Conference will not be submitted online. They must be printed and placed in the proper folio as per the event’s guidelines, and turned in during the competition’s briefing period.


Written Events and the Internet:

Students will not be able to use the convention center internet for their written presentation, because that would involve asking someone else to help them with their equipment. (Refer to the presentation guidelines.)  Students may use an internet aircard or personal hotspot with their computer if the student has one. But we caution that it could be difficult for students to receive and maintain a connection due to so many people using cell phones while at the conference. If they lose connection, they will not be given additional time. Our suggestion is to save anything that they might want to reference directly onto their computer.